Thursday, November 3, 2011

Grandchildren, Friends and Skip & Pups....

Yesterday, November 02, 2011, we ate roasted turkey for the first time this season.  Kissy Fairchild and Chadwick Elsworth and Skip and I really enjoyed eating it.  We sang Happy Birthday to Kissy.  :))))))))

I've been thinking about how to make my art room more colorful and more interesting.  My art room has become so important to me, moreso.. since Tommy has been gone and I've begun to feel creative again.

I've been making a suncatcher for my special friend named Tori.  She is a young girl who is so creative
and I look forward to the things she makes for me... like myself, there's no telling what she will think of next.  I'm also, working on a Thanksgiving card for her.

I began making jewelry and one day gave her a bracelet never expecting anything back... the next thing I knew... Tori had created jewelry and gave it to me!  Since then... (this summer) we draw and make jewelry and create things and swap them back and forwards.  How special is that!  

I've given so many of my drawings away and jewelry since I've been making it... and no one ever gave me anything back and honestly... I never expected anything in return.  So imagine my surprise when I began getting wonderful things Tori created ..just for me!  :)))  I was so honored.

I am inspired by Tori's artwork and it's helped me to begin drawing and painting again.  I'm so thankful, I've wished to draw and paint and I couldn't get past the sadness in my heart.  Thank-you, Tori, you've been a godsend.

I've begun the Christmas birthday poster I wanted to make for Curves.  I've been drawing, painting and cutting out 'all'... and I have them ready to place on a poster.  I want to have alot of things created to put on the poster... so, I began early to have time to do them.  I did the October and November poster for them.  There were so many compliments and they made me feel good inside.  Years ago when I worked in the hospital, every month I would make an elaborate poster with that month's theme and put  the birthdays on it for that month.  People really looked forward to it.  Now... my happycolors on the wall there are looked forward to and loved.  It makes me feel good.

I've been thinking about my grandson, Taban... also, my granddaughter, Taylor.  I wish that I could be
closer to them but, life has a way of taking us on separate paths.  Nevertheless, I love them with my Heart, they are my son's children and as close to him as I could possibly be.  He wanted me to be close to them...  maybe one day.  I am Granny Gee to Taban and to Taylor.... I have no idea what I am to her.  She's a beautiful little girl whom in my mind I hold a special memory of us walking and talking and I really liked her as a person... this was several years ago.  I felt we could become close but, our paths go in opposite directions.

My blog that I began yesterday will be one of 'just me and what I think and feel'... not important to anyone but, myself.  It will be spontaneous and not planned... just what is going on at the time I write.

I have just finished doing artwork on a box and a coffee filter of all things and a big envelope for my sister, Teresa.  I made Tori's suncatcher with a coffee filter, also.  She had made me several that I have hanging in my art room.  I love to use Mod Podge to seal and protect and to make all look finished.  I will mail Teresa's package today.... inside holds a dragonfly bookmarker that I made out of imagination... in memory of Tommy.  I've given several to different people I like or love so, when they use it and look at it... they think of him.  He will never be forgotten.

I wrapped gold wire and used beads to make the dragonflies.  I made one for Skip's desk and I have one on my art table.  I gave Nancy, my closest friend since childhood, a dragonfly bookmark and she loves it.  She thought alot of Tommy.

It's time to embrace the day... it will be daylight in alittle while.  (5:02 am at this moment)................

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