Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kissy Barking In Skip's Study....and Dog In The Mirror

Just a short while ago I kept hearing Kissy, our 1 year old precious Rottie, barking and growling in Skip's study.  I got up to go in there to see what in the world was making him act that way.... I couldn't see anything different so, I bent down so, I could look at his eyes and follow them with mine... to see what was causing him to act like that!

The only thing different that I saw was a statue of a Rottweiler dog that Skip had sat on one of his stereo speakers.  I picked it up and moved it toward Kissy and he went into a crouch, his head was wrinkled and he barked ferociously and if I moved it ...he would jump back, ha! 

I wonder what in the world was going through his mind.....  I know I did have a big mirror sitting in the hall not long ago was sitting outside my art room.  I was deciding where I would place it ..that was why it was sitting there.  I could hear a scrapping sound one morning out in the hall and I was wondering what was making that kind of noise.  I stepped quietly to the door to peep out and ..... on
the carpet was Kissy laying there looking at himself in the mirror taking his paw and trying to touch the dog looking back at him from the mirror.  I thought that was so precious. 

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