Friday, November 18, 2011

Little Golden Blonde Haired Boys with Blue Eyes.......  I went to run errands this morning and stopped at Walmart.  I noticed as I walked around shopping ... little blonde-haired boys with blue eyes sitting in different shopping carts...with their mothers pushing them.  It just took me back in time when Tommy was a little blonde-haired boy with his beautiful blue eyes.  It seemed today I kept seeing little boys that looked just like him at that age.  Sometimes I see big guys that look just like Tommy and I just look so hard trying to see Tommy as he was ... just for a few seconds.  He was a big, blonde-haired guy with blue-green eyes and he was so handsome.  I was so proud of my son.  On Sunday, November 20th.... is Tommy's birthday... he would have been 42 years old.  I love you, Son.  When I left Walmart I began crying because I miss my son... I realize that I can't bring him back and I've accepted he is gone and all that good stuff one's supposed to do.  I do know that even with doing all that..... a mother's love can't just stop and her mind can't just forget her child... because he is gone.  I was thinking about Tommy drinking drinks without ice and how his teeth had become sensitive to the cold and I was thinking about a little place that I worried about on his face from working out in the sun years ago... it's strange, I know.......

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