Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Skip ...Drove Me Into The Shenandoah River...

We loved to ride around and look at the Shenandoah River, it was just so beautiful.  We saw a ramp leading into the water and you know how they slope right into the water so, one can unload their boats from their trailers.

Skip didn't think I knew that the ramps sloped under the water and was going to fool me into thinking he was really going to drive into the river.

He began driving toward the ramp and I just sat so calm and relaxed because I 'knew' the ramp would lead down into the water.  He got on the ramp and began to drive down into the water when................
we went down so hard in about 4 feet of water!  The impact made me hit my head on the dashboard and threw him against the steering wheel and the two people with us in our Bronco came crashing into the front seats.  It hurt so bad and I was really mad and I said a lot of words, believe you me!

Skip couldn't back up at all because we were pointing down!  He got out of the Bronco and began going down under the water and moving rocks under the front wheels and then, try to back up some.  Of course, that didn't work!  It was scary with the swift water going on as if we weren't there! 

He saw some guys and they saw what had happen and hurriedly connected a cable to our Bronco and began pulling us out and Skip had to keep going under the water to put more rocks under the front wheels.... finally we came out of that river and .... I was some kind of mad!  That joke backfired on him and ... I calmly sat there and let him... drive me right off into that river!  I didn't laugh that time!

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