Friday, November 18, 2011

So Cold This Morning!  When I walked out with Skip and the pups this morning I saw a beautiful, thick coat of white frost shining like diamonds in the nightlight.  I also, felt the cold air!  This is wonderful because in the morning... it's going to be a replica of this morning.... 29 degrees and guess what!  We are leaving very early to be at our traditional place with hot coffee and doughnuts, and our chairs and maybe a blanket or two.... to Raleigh to enjoy the Christmas Parade.  I am excited and Skip is excited!  We want to be around things to make us feel happy... we miss Tommy and he was the number one person in our life.... in fact, our life was built around him and he knew he was special and loved very much.  No one could miss a son like we miss Tommy and my blog will mention him 'millions' of time... he was a real person, a good person and everyone who knew him.... loved him... he is worth remembering and his mother isn't going to let him be forgotten.  Nancy, I saw your comment this morning and I want you to know I love you and appreciate all you said.  You are my best friend in this whole world and the longest friend I've ever had.... since we were very little.  I'll never forget how you cared when our home burned down.... you were right there with us.  I'll never forget the coffeepot and coffee you gave to us... we took it back to the motel and I made the coffee and I remember thinking 'now, I know why hot coffee is so important when something bad happens... it's warm and soothing and it comforts one when they are in shock and in pain.  You were the one who came to me while we were at the ruins of the house after it burned three days later to tell me that my cousin was killed in that logging truck accident.  You cared so much and it meant the world.  You wanted me to hear it from someone who cared.  I love you, Ms Nancy.  Paula, you are a very special friend whom I have the highest respect for..... you and your beautiful family.  I've always admired you and Doug..... you are a real family and your beautiful children are growing up reflecting that... they'll know their parents loved and treasured each one of them.  I never knew that as a child and that's why you guys stand out to me... and it always touched my heart when we lived across from you.  When we see you now... I 'see' a bright, special light around you and your family that's just.... special.  This is what was on my mind this very beautiful, cold and frosty morning.  I'm going to get ready to go out and ... embrace this day!

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