Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Today, beautiful Today......

Today is rather cloudy.... lots of wind clouds in the sky.  I am sitting in my art room and in here I can hear the wind blow and I can imagine for a moment that I'm sitting somewhere in Maine and hearing the wind howl with that special sound it makes when it is blowing around the house.  That's the fun sound the wind makes here.  On really cold days and hopefully snowy days.... being in here listening to the wind will make me feel so cosy and happy.  This will be our first winter here and as the seasons go
by I am learning what to expect.  I love looking outside and seeing the trees gently rocking in the wind and leaves falling to the ground making carpets of color... so warm and beautiful the colors are.  Here.. I can look out any window and really see 'out'.  I can see the wonderful sky that is constantly changing both day and night... something I've always loved.  Before.. at the old place we lived up on a 'mountain' in a forest where I couldn't just see the sky for 6 years...  how I missed seeing the sky, something I loved to do my whole life.  I remember when we would drive down the driveway and get on the road to go somewhere.... the sky was wide-open and it was so wonderful to let my eyes drink it in.  I would say to Skip how much I missed just seeing the sky.  Here.. I can even walk out on the porch and see the stars in the sky and see the beautiful moon at any time.  Special.

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