Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tommy Never Knew He Couldn't Sing!

Tommy used to call me from the road and say 'Mama, you got to hear this song!'  I knew what was coming and I'd think 'oh no!'

He'd turn up his truck radio and immediately begin singing along with a song he loved at the moment.... and I'd say 'Tommy, you know you can't sing and I have to tell you!  Mamas have to tell their sons when they can't sing so, they won't embarass themselves!'

Tommy would keep singing and he'd laugh and say 'Mama, you're just jealous because you know you can't sing!'  He would say he was going to audition for Simon Cowell and the world would hear him sing.  He said he knew he could sing and he 'believed'!

Tommy never did know he really couldn't sing and it ..... sounded alot like his mama's singing!  This is a fun memory of my son.... I'd paint it the color of 'yellow'........ like the bright, happy sunshine!

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