Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What was that?!!!

When Tommy was a little fellow (we lived in the mountains we owned the land and home) he was riding his bicycle.  He was standing in the driveway near the spigot where I'd planted dewberry bushes..... I can still see him in my memory's eye... the sun was shining brightly matching the happy expression on his face, until.............

I saw it happen as I saw his expression change from one of little-boy happiness to one of ... ugh!!!!!  He began yelling 'what was that, what was that?!!!'  I had sat down on the ground laughing so much that I
couldn't even begin to tell him that a little bird flew over and 'squirted' purple on his precious head!  I laughed so much that for-real.... I sort of 'peed' my pants.......... I can't believe I did that... but, it's true!!! 
He put his hand on his head and it came away with 'purple' on it!  You can imagine the rest!  I was on the ground too weak to help him!   It was so funny.....

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