Sunday, December 4, 2011

Balls of Lightening at Grandma and George's....

As a child I was frightened of thunderstorms when they would come up.  At Grandma's I would go get the quilt and get on her couch in the 'front room/living room' at the front of the house.  Sitting on the couch I faced my Aunt Jeanette's bedroom door.  I would be so afraid because I knew I would see something I always dreaded to see there when a thunderstorm came up.  I would see a big ball of lightening that was blue... begin to roll slowly from her doorway toward me and I would hide my face inside the quilt that I had wrapped completely around me... somehow I felt that would protect me from everything.  When I'd peep back out, the ball of lightening would be gone!  I saw this many times at Grandma's and..... I thought everyone saw it too!  They didn't.... no one through the years remembers it... though, there are grandchildren who lived there at different times when I was living somewhere else... they could have seen it.  As an adult I researched it and learned that it's supposedly 'evil' and in my mind I agreed.  That's because I always said that the house Grandma and George lived in was one of the portals to 'hell'... because so much grief and sorrow and meanness went on there.  My Grandma Alma and George were good people and they never saw any peace of mind... never.  They never got good things back in their life for being good to everyone... never.

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