Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cameras.. Orbs Rotating Around The Satellite Dish....

One night I was observing our monitor up in the isolated place we lived at the time.. I had positioned the cameras a new way earlier that day.  One of the cameras faced the area where the satellite for Directv was at.  I was so amazed at what I saw!

There were big orbs rotating around and above the satellite dish... I ran to the back door to see them through my eyes instead of through the camera's eye.... they weren't there!

I ran back to the monitor and there they were.... rotating around and around in a lively fashion all around the satellite dish.  Of course, I kept running back to the back door to look directly at that satellite dish only to see nothing.......... but, everytime I came back to the monitor... they were still rotating. 

I was alone that evening and at first I felt afraid... and I vowed to not let that camera stay in that position so, I wouldn't have to see that.  It made me uncomfortable when I'd be sitting at my computer and glancing at the monitor to see that each time the cameras switched to it.

This is so interesting and I wonder again... has anyone witnessed the same?  I'd like to hear from you to know.

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