Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Change Your Underwear! Even If ... They Are Still Clean!

It came to me this morning when I took my beloved shower using a wonderful, sudsy, soapy washcloth (a pretty green... springtime). I love to soap up a washcloth and see the bubbles and suds foam up! I enjoy my shower so, so much... I love cleanliness about my body and I love it... about my life. I change 'underwear' everyday and sometimes just to 'feel' clean.. I change more than.. once! :)))))))

I couldn't imagine ...wearing them.. twice!

It's like life... that came to my mind this morning. I'm always thinking about ...life, my life and 'everything'. That is what I was doing as I was showering. I like to brush my teeth twice in the mornings... feels so nice. I brush them when I first get up and when I take my shower... I have a toothbrush and toothpaste waiting for me to use! I don't like bad breath at all.

I wash my hair with my favorite shampoo and then.. rinse it and put on a nice conditioner. I leave that conditioner on during my shower to be sure it 'conditions'... :))) I bathe and I close my eyes and enjoy the very warm water spraying over 'me'... I love it.

I have this little purple brush I keep in my shower to suds up and brush my fingernails and toenails! This completes my wonderful shower once I rinse 'me'... and that includes the hair conditioner left on my hair.

I got out of the shower this morning and I had a little stack of clean clothes sitting in one pile and a little stack of clothes to be put into the clothes hamper. I was thinking so hard that I was almost dressed before I realized... then, I looked closer... and alittle closer and said 'oh my God! I've put my 'same' underwear back on!!! I just couldn't believe it!

Off those panties came! Upon examination... I was so happy! They were 'clean'! I was so thankful that my 'dirty' underwear was 'clean'! I was getting ready to have the heebie-jeebies!

Now.. I was wondering 'what is the lesson learned from this?' I was thinking that maybe if one weren't always careful.. they could make the same mistake twice! And since my underwear were 'almost' as clean as my 'clean underwear'.... that would mean it wouldn't be a bad mistake. But..on the other hand .......... just suppose those underwear (not mine!)..........weren't so clean! Somebody would be making a bad mistake.. especially ..if they put them on a second time!

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  1. I have made the same mistakes and can't believe that I put on dirty underwear. I talk to myself and tell myself, silly me and hope not to make the same mistake again