Friday, December 2, 2011

'Crunchy' Cheese & Buttered Toast....In The Oven

Skip toasted slices of bread with cheese on each in the the oven... and let it gradually brown and get
'hard' enough to crunch when one eats it.  I thought of my Mom and remembered her saying that was her favorite kind of toast.... I remember eating some and thinking... it is very good and I love crunching it in my mouth!  :)))  All through the years at different times... I put the oven on broiler on 'LO' and make buttered and cheese toast... I watch it carefully.  One can just set the temperature to maybe 350-400 degrees and watch it as it toasts.  When it's done, I place the pan up on top of the stove.... and take it from there!  The colder it gets, the better it gets.  The pups love it, too!  It's fun to watch and listen to them crunch toast though... sometimes, one has to vacuum up a few crumbs.  Who cares... it's no big thing!  Crunchy cheese or buttered toast.... is really a comfort food.... I think of Mom when I eat it.  If....
if I ever make chocolate milk and drink it along with the crunchy toast... I associate with my father.  I used to eat toast and drink chocolate milk each morning before going to school.... when I 'existed' in his home. 

That's a whole 'other story' I may gradually tell one day over a period of times.  It's another sad time in my life though, his home was a wonderful home.... spotless clean, beautiful, happy and full of laughter and fun and he had an art studio that was just so wonderful!  The strange thing is none of it ever included me.  It's strange how a child or person can co-exist side by side with only inches or feet separating them... and the world is so vastly different for both.... in the same house.  I understand when people who live next door can be so different or one's best friend's life can be so different.... but, in a home where people who are 'family'...................should share at least happiness, laughter and fun with everyone.  I helped to keep the house spotless, I did 'share' that.  My stepmother who is a whole 'other
story' was also, one of the best housekeepers in the world and she kept mine and my sister's clothes immaculate.... ironed and starched.  She constantly rolled her hair with bobby pins and always had beautiful hair... like a beautiful perm.  I loved her but, she didn't love me like I did her.  She kept me in trouble with my father all the time... I ran away from there when my dad hit me for the first and only time in my life.  All of this is.... is another story for... another time.  I loved my father and only once in my life did he say he loved me... it meant so much at that time and... that's another story.  My life is built on one memory after the other... nothing ever stayed stable enough to know how good it felt to be with family.  Time to go!  Skip's waiting for me to spend the day with him!  I'm happy!  :))))))))

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