Sunday, December 4, 2011

Crying In The Desert Because.....

Skip and I crossed the state line into California where we'd crossed many times before.  As we drove I knew it'd be hours before we'd get to a town and...... colors!  I'd become tired of the bland colors of the desert on that end of California.... I began to just cry and Skip asked me what was wrong.  I told him that I just couldn't stand it anymore, the desert is just 'brown' and I need to see colors.  After a time I quit crying because something interesting would happen ... or we'd see such interesting people traveling along the same route.  Do you know..... out in the desert one can 'almost see' wagon trains ... it's hard to imagine when seeing that on westerns but, when actually being in the desert you can see how the people had such a hard time traveling on wagons and horses.  There are high deserts and there are low deserts I learned.  I learned that the desert has many faces... no two alike.  Some are so beautiful with Joshua trees and giant cactus and beautiful colors and vegetation.... some are really so uncolorful and ugly to me and try as I did, I couldn't find anything beautiful in that kind of desert.  We have met many unusual people living in the desert in small towns where we'd stop at stores.  They are interesting too.  I always thought of how people would grow up in the desert and wonder if they'd ever get to leave there.  They'd never get to see alot of colors if they didn't go somewhere else, it seems.  I would never be anymore good if I didn't.... it is like the sunshine we all need to feel good. 

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