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29 December, 2011

I watch from a distance a man we know and call a 'friend'. He always holds his head down and he appears to 'watching from beneath a log'..... looking up at people. He always seems to have this little glint in his eyes... like he's laughing secretly at people, or he knows something about them and ... he's going to tell it to someone. He likes you but, secretly ...he doesn't like anyone, but... he still likes you... though he's going to talk about you.

Her eyes are lined with black eyeliner, making her faded green eyes look more faded, her eyebrows painted on with a black pencil. She is wearing very red lipstick on her thin lips. Her eyes look 'hard' and deceitful when looking at a woman... but, when her eyes turn to look at a man... they instantly begin to shine, her lips begin to smile, and those black painted eyebrows begin to raise. This woman has 'something' on her mind. That tongue begins to lick her thin lips.... She's a good person, though, she would 'stab' her female friends in the back.. but, she would be the first to come running if they needed help. Yes, she's a 'good' person.

His eyes look so tired .. dark circles beneath them. One can tell he is a very stressed man, and he may work hard. He listens as someone talks to him waiting for the right time to get away without hurting their feelings. This man is tired... he has the weight of the world on his shoulders... one can sense this by looking at him.. he appears fragile. He will stand there much longer letting someone talk as long as they want.. before he'd hurt their feelings. I've watched him do this and... almost fall to sleep. A patient and kind man... his eyes reflect compassion and empathy for others. People try to take advantage of that... thankfully, there's someone there who 'protects' him from being 'used'.

Her eyes have that little flirtatious glint in them as she stands there talking to the couple on the street. Truthfully, she is attracted to the man... and her eyes reflect that... though she tries to hide it from his wife. Her eyes give it away... when she looks at him... then, changes expression to being 'too' serious to make the man's wife think she is 'nice and she is sincere'. One can tell ... she doesn't fool his wife. She 'knows'. She is a good person... she just doesn't have a man of her own... and has to enjoy talking to one when she can. She's a good person and would do anything for these people. She's just lonely... one can 'see' it in her eyes.

His eyes want to look at her, but, he won't do it unless at certain times he feels comfortable enough to. I'm not quite certain 'why'. I've watched him when he talks to everyone and at times he'll avoid looking at her while he talks... at times, he'll look directly at her. I've studied this when the opportunity presented itself... I can see as I write this ....that.... I don't 'have my finger on this one'. I'll study it alittle farther... when the opportunity presents itself... This is a very good man who is so kind to people and animals.

His eyes are warm and happy when he sees them... they twinkle while they all talk. He likes those people, one can just see it by watching his...eyes. The pupils in his eyes get 'big' signaling his fondness for the man and woman he's talking to. He would talk to them 'forever'. He would do most anything for them and he's a good person.

I watch from a distance each time this particular woman comes to their home... the women 'seem' to like her and smile alot when the men are around... I smile, too. When the men go off talking on their own, in their own 'man's world'... the women quit smiling. Their eyes... I watch the women's eyes closely to 'see' if they really like this woman in their midst. I'm surprised .... I thought they liked her but, no... I don't think they do ...though... sometimes they really The woman senses 'when' they don't like her and she really likes each of the 3 women ... and wonders 'why?' She doesn't feel comfortable and wants to leave... I feel for her. She has the highest respect for the women and I've never seen her do anything to make them not like or respect her. I can tell she 'knows' these women are 'good' people, though... she isn't comfortable around them... their eyes let her 'know'. She wonders 'why'...

Do you watch eyes to see if they like or dislike you? I pay close attention to eyes.... your eyes, his eyes, her eyes... they most always tell the truth when one's mouth doesn't.

If the pupils get 'bigger' while you are talking to someone ... they like you. If the pupils get very tiny while they are talking to you... I don't think they like you or I very much. That goes for when eyes look at food, objects or just anything.

This is what I read many years ago.. and above are some of my most recent observations... I always study and pay attention to people around me, even if I'm not looking... I sense.

I think about what I see and sense... I know when someone likes or doesn't like me... do you?



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  1. I am not very good at reading people's eyes but I have learned to read expressions on my grandchildren's faces. I have learned to know when they tell a tale. Want to know something funny? They had a friend over one day and doing some work for me out in the yard. I asked their friend a question, and I knew he was lying. I said, "boy you are lying. I see it written on your forehead." That poor boy started wiping his forehead!! I began to laugh at him! It was funny. What I had asked the boy was something I shouldn't have asked and he didn't know I already knew the answer. It wasn't really bad but still funny. Love, Ms. Nancy