Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hakan, Lena.... My Dear Friends In Sweden

I just received an email from Roger, Hakan's son, in Sweden.  He told me the sad news that Hakan passed away today there... peacefully.  My heart feels heavy and tears fill my eyes as I write this..
because I've known him and Lena, since 1999... April 19th. 

They were very special to us and they would send us sweets and gifts from Sweden and we would
send sweets and gifts to them from the USA.  We did this all these years and Lena and I stayed in
touch everyday ...all through the days by email and we'd chat.  It didn't take our emails but, seconds
to get to each other so, we checked our computers often.  It was important to us that we kept in touch...
we each were a part of the other's life for 11 years... and we never got to meet in person.  We sent so
many photos of us, our homes and all around as we went about our daily errands.  We shared so much.

Lena died in the month of August this year and it broke my heart.  All these years and all the days of
us being there... was gone.  It took me some time to adjust to that.  I miss you, Lena, you were the most special friend... you were there during all the times I was so sick.  I am looking at my Lena Doll now, that you made me.  She sits beside my Tommy Doll.

Hakan... how I knew you through Lena.  I knew you as the good person you were all through these years through our emails when you would tell Lena things to tell or ask me and I'd do the same.  What a warrior you have been battling your illness and making it until now.... you did this for so, so long.  I hope you rest in peace now and rest your tired body and mind.  I know losing Lena was such a lost to you.  My heart hurts for you both and my eyes are filled with tears.  I loved and cared for you and Lena with my very heart.  You are gone now and I want to say to you... goodbye Hakan, my friend, rest in peace fought so hard.  I loved you and Lena... you were my friends and my family.

Thank-you, Roger, for letting me know about your father.  I know you and Johan were special to Hakan.  He had 2 sons to be so proud of.  Take care, my friend, and stay in touch.

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