Friday, December 16, 2011

I saw these jokes on the computer and ..laughed

I was reading one of those emails a friend of ours sent (Elizabeth, that was funny.. I'd never thought of saying that!).  There were 2 funny jokes and below you'll find them......

1)  Sometimes I laugh so much that tears run down my legs!

2)  A wife asks her husband,''how many women have you slept with''  "Only you, darling-with the 
      others I was awake".

I don't laugh often at alot of jokes because they aren't so funny to me... so, when someone writes or tells a joke and makes me laugh....... they've done something. 

Skip makes up some of the funniest jokes but, he told me that a comedian wouldn't want an audience like me!  I remember he and Tommy used to tease me by taking their hand and lifting it up to move it 'over their head' and making a 'sh-oooom' sound!  I knew what they meant...................

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