Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lena and Hakan in Sweden.. and Family

My systervan (sister-friend), Lena, passed away in Sweden not long ago.  I miss her very much as she was a part of my life for 12 years... my everyday life.  We talked and laughed and communicated constantly daily through emails, chatting online and letters by mail.  I miss my wonderful friend with my heart. 

Her husband, Hakan, has just passed away.. he had been living with his illness for quite sometime.  I knew him too, through Lena, all these years and this touches my heart so much.

Over the 12 years through Lena, I 'knew' all of her closest family members and how special each were to her.  They even shared photos and cards with me during that period of time. 

Today I sent her family members an email to let them know about my Blog about my life.... I've shared their lives for so long and wanted to share mine back with them. They also, knew me through Lena.  I miss all of them as they were a part of my 'real' everyday world for so long.  Each of them were like the wonderful characters you read about in an interesting book.  I miss all of you, too, Lena kept you all alive to me by daily speaking of one or more of you... and what was happening in life there.

I love you, Lena and Hakan.  I think about Lena being up on her cloud looking down at me... Johan told me this (her son) and it touched my heart.  Hakan, you are with her now.  She loved you with her heart.  She and I were so much alike in that our family was most important to us.

I look around in my art room and see alot of things that are you.  My Lena Doll, my Angels of Love by Annekabouke.  Johan and Sara... I have the Bassett Hounds you got me when you went back to England with Sara to visit her family.  I have the scrapbooks that have many photos she sent me through the years.. they survived the fire that destroyed all we owned .   

Lena, I know you were like the redwood tree I told you about... you weathered many storms and you stood strong until your body became very tired.  I had imagined a golden circle of protection around you, around Hakan, to keep you safe.. always.  Rest in peace my friends.

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