Saturday, December 10, 2011

Made To Dance While Being Shot At! I Rocked And Rolled!

At Grandma Alma and George's... I never knew what was going to happen.  My aunt and uncle lived next door and they had 6 children.  I loved them like brothers and sister... 5 boys and 1 girl. 

We fought alot and we played alot as kids.  We were constantly doing something because there were so many ideas of what we could do.

We thought we could fly!  We got all the chicken feathers (Grandma Alma and George had a small chicken house in a fence and also, George raised rabbits) we could find... and we fashioned them into wings and then, we decided where we wanted to jump off at to test them.  Sometimes it wasn't fun and it hurt... especially when jumping off the top of Grandma's house!  No one could really fly at matter how hard they tried.

Alot of times I watched when they'd do things because someone was always getting into trouble or getting cut on glass there (always getting cut on something!).  Those kids were mean and I think I may have been, too!  No one thought they were mean... things just happened!  I never did anything... nor did they!  :))))))  That's 'my' story and I'm sticking to it!

One day my cousin, Eddie, told me to dance.  He was angry at me... I was about 13 years old and he was a couple years younger than I.  I told him to 'kiss my ____' (I really did that and that's really ugly!).  He told me that I WAS going to dance because he could make me!  I laughed at him and told him 'just you try it!'

He had a BB gun in his hand and I couldn't believe it when he raised it up and grinned and said 'who's going to dance now!!!?  I began to run and he began to fire that BB gun!  I want you to know that BB's hit the back of my bare legs and I was shaking, rattling and rolling... I was rocking to get away from him!  I finally did and ...I was ...MAD!  I always got even.. then.  I looked at the back of my legs in the mirror and there were big swollen places with a little hole in each one!  It hurt like..............................

You know ...I whipped up on him later.  I waited and waited.  He came up to me when I was standing in front of the school in a little group of people and yanked my earring... my ears were pierced!  It tore my ear lobe and the next thing I know.... I'd done beat him up!  I never had any more trouble out of him! :)))

I loved Eddie, I loved all my cousins very much.  I always wondered if they loved me as much... I really don't think they did at all.  What I remembered most from the older ones while living at Grandma Alma and George's house when I'd walk next door to their house... I loved being there where it was so sparkling clean and nice!..... was the words someone would holler at me ..'Faye, get your ass back up to Grandma's!'  I heard this many times while living there.  It would hurt me to my very heart. 

There were some funny things and scary things during that time along with the bad things.  To this day I'm so glad I learned strength from all I suffered though there........... I really wouldn't want to go back to those days.  I carry many, many scars that are hidden... even by me... until something makes me remember.................................................... 

Anyway... I loved to dance as a child and I could shake, rattle and roll........... but, I didn't like doing it like that!

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  1. I never knew you had to be shot at to dance!! Whatever works. Good night Gloria! Love, Ms. Nancy