Friday, December 16, 2011

Mailman and Milkman................

I was thinking back to yesterday evening when Skip and I were leaving to go out for supper... we got to talk to two of our friends, Stephen and Carol.  They are some of the nicest people you want to meet. 

I smile at how I was telling Skip about the new mailman who drove up in our driveway tooting his horn for someone to come out and sign for a letter.  Carol and Stephen were standing there as I told Skip 'the mailman drove up in our driveway today and he was a good-looking man!  He is a 'hunk'!'  Skip grinned and Stephen and Carol looked at me smiling.  They may have not known what to think!  They know I love the ground Skip walks on.... and here I am... contradicting myself!

Skip and I joke all the time with each other.  One example when we are at a parking lot and a very attractive woman walks by ...say maybe with a tight shirt or tight jeans... I'll look at him and grin... he will say he isn't looking at that woman.... 'I'm just looking at her shirt!'  ..that's what he says!   :))) 

I think Stephen and Carol have seen mostly our 'serious' side and didn't know what to think!  Here I am laughing and talking about this 'fine-looking' mailman!  Truthfully... that's the best-looking mailman I've ever seen... I think maybe he was a substitute. 

I was thinking about all the 'mailmen and milkmen'...... I remember a 'milkman' when I was very young, he sure was good-looking... I used to think he liked to bring us milk when I lived with my beautiful mother at that time.  He sure did smile alot.... so, did she................

One always jokes about mailmen and milkmen........ I think I 'know' why............I won't say no more......

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