Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Cousin, Jimmy... Died December 16, 2010

This month on December 16th (2010) my cousin Jimmy, died.  We were called to come to the hospital that night and I remember watching the snow as Skip drove us there.  I didn't know he had moved to a house where there wasn't any heat ... my heart was touched so much by what I saw and observed later when collecting his things.  My poor, poor cousin...... I can't write anymore than this.  Even when he
did things that hurt me through the years, he was another family member whom I loved very much.  I
always felt sorry for him.  He had so much talent and could have written books but, his life was so pulled in many directions ... he also, could paint beautifully, and he spoke well.  I pray that you are at peace now, Jimmy, I know there wasn't any peace in your life while living.  I have your ashes sitting beside Mom and Rick-Rick's ashes just as I promised you I would.... in my happy art room where you said you wanted to be 'one day'.  You and Mom enjoyed matching wits in life and you loved Ricky... and you said you wanted to be with them.  You are, Jimmy, just like you made me promise you.  You are in my art room where only happy feelings and sunshine and colors are allowed.  Tommy's chest is also, in there..... Angie has his ashes.  I hope your spirit soars with happiness and lightness... God knows you never knew that in life.

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