Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Perfect ART ROOM Of My Life...

I love soft colors, bold colors, elegant colors and almost every color there is!  Colors make me happy and always... attract my attention.  I love rainbows and the different blues in the sky... I love the lush, green colors of leaves and grass.  I love the bright, golden yellow of sunshine.  I love jewel tones... I love colors.... not one color........ my favorite color is............. all colors!

I can be talking and if there are any colors close by... my eyes will fight to stay with the person in front of me to going to where color is.  Sometimes I have to just stop and tell that person... the colors are distracting me!  It's hard to look at 'you' ... for the colors.  My eyes want to drink in the colors to store in my mind.  I can 'see' them inside ... when I want to feel happier.

Sometimes I can see a person that has on a pretty color, say like a lavender color... as I am looking at them and notice lavender flowers or something in the background... my eyes immediately see a picture!  I can see how pretty the colors make the person in front of me!  I don't usually have a camera when this happens and if.............. I tell a person what 'I'm really seeing when I look at them'......... they don't understand.  They don't know that I've paid them a very nice compliment because... it confuses them as to my meaning... so, I keep it to myself most of the time.

Colors, beautiful happy colors!  I love them, they make me happy!  I love pinks and blues and yellows and purples.... all in their different shades and hues.  I love greens and oranges in their wonderful shades and hues.  I even love bright, glossy black and when I'm drawing I love to outline my drawing after I've drawn it out... with a black Sharpie pen.  I love the shades of brown and I love shades of gray.

In life I see events as different shades of colors... some pretty and some not so pretty.  It takes the not so pretty shades of colors complemented by the happier, prettier colors to make them... just beautiful!  Life is like this to me... no matter what... colors play such an important role in my life.  I honestly ... couldn't live without them.

White.... I love a white sheet of paper or...cardstock.  That's my 'canvas'....... I feel the magnetic pull of the 'white' paper...(as a child, it was hard to resist white ...walls!).. I have to draw on it!  I love white around me... it's clean and pure and I can 'see' it.  I love white in my artroom... it's bright and happy and shares its space with every color... every color likes 'white'. 

When I was a little girl living at my Grandma Alma and George's... I was attracted to the bookcase they had in the living room next to their sitting room which in my mind I call The Arena (you can read my blog and follow it... to know about The Arena).  That bookcase held many, many books with....................many white pages!  I discovered white pages there and I would sit for hours on end... just drawing on the front of the books and in the backs of the books.  I wish I could find some of those books.... there would be my first designs of women's clothing!

I love magic markers!  color pencils!  bottles and bottles of acryllic paints!  colored inks!  chalkboard paints!  sealants!  Mod Podge!  I love these things more than just about anything material, with the exception of my computer.  I love anything I can enjoy painting and drawing with.  A simple box of magic markers through time... would have been just the most wonderful gift for me, instead of something so expensive that I would never use. 

My artroom is really any and everywhere as I can create from 'nothing' from decorating to drawing and painting and .... writing.  If it comes to me in my mind I will find a way to improvise and make something special if I can't buy it.  Sometimes I amaze people... sometimes... I amaze myself.  I am my biggest critic.  I know it has to be pretty good... if 'I like it'.  I'm always so happy to see any creation of mine... through the eyes of another person whether I keep it or... most of the time give it to them!  Happy things and times... are the colors of my life... Happy Colors!

The perfect art room for me would be white walls in a huge room with colored carpet or even.... white tiles... I would provide the colors with my cabinets and shelves and tables.  I would love lots of big windows all around it along with sliding doors out onto a deck or balcony.  I want the outside to be inside... with only glass to separate it from my art room.  I would want a special table with chairs 'just in case' someone visited and loved to draw and paint like I do come sit and get lost in a world of colors.  I would have bookcases of colorful books on all of my favorite things.. because I have a love for books.  I have many books... though I lost so many in the fire that destroyed our home some years ago.  Of course, my art things didn't survive it, either.  These things weren't important in relation to what we lost.. things that will never be replaced that were treasured through the years.  Photos, keepsakes.. just many things. 

 Oh....... don't let me forget wonderful countertops around some of this wonderful art room..........  a wonderful sink to keep my brushes clean!  'This' art room would have to be huge!  I would want to have a tv sitting on its special place with all of my painting CDs on a shelf beside it... so, I could view them at anytime.  My art room 'now' is small and I am happy to have it.  I have to have a place to create... every person needs a little space to 'go to' and 'be themselves' ...if they just went to 'their spot' to sit and think. 

Skip has his study/office... he has his desk and shelves of movies he can watch on his tv in there.  He has all of his diplomas from college (Indiana State University), cerifications from different military schools (Army)... he has all of his photos that mean alot to him displayed on the walls and credenza.
He has his own space, also.  He loves to sit and work at his desk in there with the Pups laying on the carpet at his feet.  He is most contented there.... and a glass of iced tea with lemon would complete this picture.  Skip will tell you his favorite place is being at home with his pups, and me..... drinking his iced tea with lemon.  I will tell you the same thing.

Of course, we go into each other's space to talk and share things and we go to our living room to watch the bigscreen tv with its wonderful picture :))))) and in our bedroom.... we have another tv to watch!  Colors!  The tvs have the most wonderful colors to see!  If they were black and white... I would have no interest in them.

If I were to be something other than human.... I would be a.. rainbow stretching all my wondrous colors out for the world to see and feel happy for seeing.... when my mother died........ a rainbow showed up in the sky and everyone was pointing and saying 'look'!  When my son, Tommy, died... at the funeral home while standing there... someone said to look.  There was a rainbow in the sky... and though my heart was completely broken and I was in the 'grief world of the darkest colors I've ever seen in my life' ...I saw it.  I saw the beautiful colors of the rainbow. 

Even when one has lost part of their life, their very heart.... colors do make a difference.... one needs them to be rescued from the darkest colors in life.... and that's death.... and in my situation... my only child.  Colors are lifesavers and in a ocean of grief where one is struggling to stay afloat.... one can reach out for a happy color to be saved at least for a time.... they have to keep reaching out for more colors to fill their heart, their minds to make..........the dark colors go away.  They can't stop... or they'll drown in that ocean of grief..never to come back... I 'almost' did. 

The brightest and happiest colors of my life are Skip and our two Pups (we call them that.. we hate to just say 'dogs'... they are more than 'just dogs'!)... Skip and Kissy and Chadwick are golden, sparkling colors in my life just like another most favorite thing in my life............. gold and diamonds.  I love all my rings Skip got for me through the years and such... each has a special story to go with it..... and they are all diamonds and gold.  My most favorite of perfumes is White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor... Skip and the Pups... are all of these things and more... the very light of life.... the very colors I need in life.  I love you, Skip and our to me... is you.

The strange thing is that I don't wear all the colors I love... I'm older and I've been grieving for so colors really reflect that..though now, I'm beginning to smile again and see colors again.  I'll get there yet in my life.  Yes, I'm ready to see my happy colors again... I've lived with the dark colors in my mind for a year and half now... they are coming back and I'm ...reaching out for all of them.  Reach down and touch me, beautiful rainbow... fill my world with color... I welcome it!

I've written here of what makes 'me' ..... me.  These are my favorite things in this world.  My husband and Pups and my colors in my art room.. and my two grandchildren ...Taban and McKenzie...  This is the most important part of my life.  The perfect art room of my life.

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  1. Colors can make a difference in a person's mood. It is nice to see the bright colors. It makes one feel good about him or herself. Love, Ms. Nancy