Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Signs...............Fog In The Room... Rice...

Sometime after my mother died I feel she did come back to leave ... signs.  One day as I stood up from my computer it began to scroll very fast and .. dishes fell out of the dish-drainer at the same time!  I just felt a strange feeling 'knowing' it was my mom.  I've never-ever had a computer to begin scrolling by itself... nor the dishes fall like that.

Maybe a month or so, later... I came into the house at the back door where I could look to my right into our bedroom ... it looked like it was filled with smoke.  I became panicky and ran all around the room sniffing the air for something burning.  There was nothing burning and the air felt 'damp'.  I looked over to the fireplace in the bedroom to where my mother's ashes were on the mantle over the fireplace.. and I thought of her.  When I felt all was okay I went on doing things in the house occasionally looking back into our bedroom.  I wasn't afraid of that.

Several days later, it happened again.... the room was filled with that fog again.  I ran around sniffing the air to make sure nothing was burning... it wasn't.  I never felt afraid but, I 'know' it was mom. 

Months later, I opened the wardrobe to get a box that held my new walking shoes in it.  I sat down with the box to take them out... when I opened the paper to get one of the shoes out.... rice began falling on the hunter green carpet we had at the time.  I was so surprised and went to take the second shoe out, rice fell out of that ...also.  When we had purchased them I had taken them out to wear... then, closed them back up in the box.  I forgot 'why' I didn't want to wear them right then.  There wasn't any rice in the box.... the only rice we had was in a glass container.

I walked over to the wardrobe looking at the back and front of it to see if maybe there was a mouse-hole of some type and maybe somehow a mouse found rice and put it in there... there weren't any mouseholes... and the wardrobe was new... and my new box of shoes  had been closed.  I just couldn't believe that happened.  It was amazing.

Another thing that happened was that a big white rat got into our house and its eyes would look at me.  It seemed happy.. I know that sounds strange but, that big rat seemed happy and even friendly.  Skip thought it was someone's white pet rat and it had gotten loose and escaped to our house.  Maybe it was someone's pet rat.  That was so strange because... that happened just before the housefire that destroyed everything we owned. 

These are the things that made me think of my mother after her death.  If I remember anything else, I will come back and add it.

I wouldn't have believed all this ..if I didn't see it myself.

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