Friday, December 9, 2011

Skip..What ARE You Doing In The Floor!!!?

Skip is up early this morning and sitting on the couch with our two pups... Kissy Fairchild and Sweet Chadwick.  I woke up to find them gone from the bed...... we sleep on a king-size bed and our two big pups... sleep with us. 

Last night I told Skip that we needed to buy a new bed and he asked 'why'.  I was looking at our precious pups lying on our king-size bed taking up ... all the room!  Kissy even lays with all four feet and puts them against our backs when we are asleep and... pushes and...pushes! 

One night I was sitting in bed working on a Soduku puzzle and not paying attention to Kissy.... until
I heard a 'big' noise near me!!!  I was frightened at first as I looked around to where... Skip...was......
sleeping!  He was gone!!!

I got off my side of the bed to go around to find him and saw him beginning to get the floor.  I asked him what in the world was he doing on that floor!  He told me that Kissy began pushing him with all 4 of his feet and the next thing he knew.... he was on the floor! 

Skip doesn't sleep on much of the 'king-size' bed.... nor do I.......... we always want the pups to have plenty of room!  It didn't take much for Kissy to get Skip off!  Night before last... I felt those 4 paws on my back and Kissy began...pushing and pushing.  I jumped up and said 'oh no, you don't!'

Our precious pups... we love you with our hearts.  We give up alot for them... we share our food and most of our bed... what more could they ask for?  We kiss and hug and love them all the time.  If one has pets.... why would you do otherwise?  They are in our care and trust and depend on .... only us.  I love you, Kissy.  I love you, Chadwick.

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