Friday, December 2, 2011

Snow and Tears Through The Lights....

I was sitting here while Skip was reading about Jimmy, my cousin, who died December 16th.  I went back in my mind to late that night when we were called to the hospital.  I remember how pretty the snow was falling and I remember thinking Jimmy would have wanted at least something special to have been 'going on' when he died... and it really was, it was snowing gently and the world looked pure and white as we drove.  It was light outside from all the white and I remember sitting there beside Skip as he drove... laying my head back against the seat watching the snowflakes as they fell making me feel dizzy many!  I had tears in my eyes and though I was sad ...I could still see the beauty of the snowflakes as I half-closed my eyes looking at them in the headlights.  The combination of tears, head-
lights and snowflakes.... was so beautiful... and special.  Jimmy, something special did mark your exit from this world in a good way.  I just looked up at your ashes beside Mom and Ricky's.... exactly where you wanted to be in death.  You thought you and Mom might could possibly match wits again in the afterlife.

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