Sunday, December 18, 2011

Someone's Been Naughty, Not Good Or Nice

Someone's Been Naughty, Not Good Or Nice.....

December 18, 2011

Today Skip and I went to feed the cats as usual and decided to buy some groceries at the local food mart. On the way home we stopped by the Family Dollar store to pick up canned dog food, they were out of the Alpho dry food we normally purchase.

We were standing at the cash register waiting for the cashier to ring up our things when Skip said 'there's someone's big SUV sitting out there on the ground, someone's punctured somebody's tires!'

When we went outside and I walked up to the SUV... I just couldn't imagine someone actually puncturing somebody's tires ... and I saw where the doors, all of the doors were keyed! Another couple who drove up and Skip and I were looking at it. I wondered 'where in the world is the owner?'

Skip said it's sad to see that, it looked like someone already couldn't afford tires because they were 'slick' before someone cut them. You could see where instead of just puncturing the tires, they'd been sliced. How sad is that? This is the week of Christmas where most 'bad' people try to be good... you know... 'to get them Christmas gifts'. I guess whoever cut those tires have been bad... maybe no gifts for them?

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  1. Santa Claus isn't going to see somebody! Sounds like someone has a personal grudge against the person that the vehicle belongs to. I wish them the best! Hopefully Santa Clause will help them get some new tires. Have a great day! Love, Ms. Nancy