Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sperm Donor.... 74 Children And ...Still Counting..

Last night when we were watching tv I saw where this handsome, intelligent young man was talking about donating sperm while he was in law school.  His wife was pregnant and I could see her face, her eyes ..that it did affect her to know that in the future and 'now'.... some of the children had located him and of course, they all meet.  It went on to where he found out he had fathered some 74 children and there were possibly ...more.

On this documentary it showed some of the daughters who were teenagers and some children who were like in elementary school.  All were bright, intelligent kids and they all... favored him!  All were children anyone would be proud to have. 

I fell asleep watching this because... it was so interesting!  I always fall asleep when I like something on tv or at the movies.  I took the best naps in school when I was watching the films they required us to watch, ha!  The voice was always so soothing and smooth... it just relaxed me, I guess.  :))))

The good thing about having so many children in his situation..... is that he isn't financially liable for them.  It seemed the families were all financially stable and the kids have lots of opportunities to get ahead in life.  Though one daughter's mother had died and when her aunt and uncle adopted her... her aunt was diagnosed with lung cancer ( I do think her mother died with lung cancer, also).  That touched my heart.... I've been through similiar... but, as the mother (I don't have lung cancer.... I have non-Hodgkins lymphoma).  I will admit.... I did cry for the loss of her mother because I could tell they were so close before her death.  Anyway.. 'another' daughter of this man's... who is this girl's half-sister... is coming into her life because she cares so much and knows her sister doesn't have a mother now and I think the aunt died.  Do you know?  That made me so happy because I know now.... everything will be alright .. she'll have a sister she didn't know she had and...
they even favor... and she won't have to be alone anymore.

I do love happy endings when there's a story, don't you?  All through the documentary in the back of my mind I could hear 'dad-dy...', ha!  I can see that the man, the father of all these children will see alot of happiness from this... but, I see heartache for his beautiful wife who is carrying his child.  My prayer for her is that she can embrace...somehow... all these new children coming into their life to visit and know this man... that she too... can become special to them... so, she could benefit from such happiness.  After all.............. her child is also, their brother or sister!

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