Monday, December 19, 2011

Sudsy Cloth In Hand... Mouth Opened Wide...Go You Way and Don't Sin... Anymore!

Sudsy Cloth In Hand... Mouth Opened Wide... Go Your Way and Don't 'Sin'... Anymore!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Tears in my eyes and my mouth held open.... crying hysterically 'don't, don't, don't!' The sudsy cloth filled my mouth to wash my ...sin... away! I'd cussed and said the word 'damn'!!!

Playing under the oak tree at the only 'real' home I ever knew... a small girl 'always getting in trouble' and never seeing it coming her way!

It seemed to strike me at the times I was serving 'tea' with my teacups and saucers. I was always 'attacked' from behind! And........ it seemed like... it was my beautiful mother who would just grab me up and ...we always went to the bathroom... where she loved to use her bar of Ivory Soap!

My Grandma Alma dipped snuff and no one washed her mouth out with that Ivory Soap! I never saw anyone else have their mouths washed out with Ivory Soap in my entire life! I wonder 'why.. my mouth'... was the only one who attracted... Ivory Soap?

Ivory Soap and my 'sins'...... I'll wash your mouth out with Ivory Soap and you will ..go on to.. sin no more! I didn't go on to 'not' sin anymore... and I did say 'damn' quite a few times after that... the one 'good thing' is.............that I never went on to 'dip snuff'! Yay-yyyyyyyyyyyyy!

I am glad I don't have anything running down the side of my mouth that I'm addicted to! It also, isn't a pretty color... when it's 'that'. I don't knock people who dip snuff... we all have our vices. Mama, thank-you for washing my mouth out with Ivory Soap... I'm so glad I don't dip snuff!

I'm not sure if Ivory Soap is the best thing to use to deter someone from 'sinning'. I wonder if it would 'break' someone from crime? You know maybe put ...them in a giant vat of sudsy Ivory Soap water and keep them there... clean from all evil things! Trap them in that Ivory Soap world.... pure Ivory Soap. Wash that mouth out every time they say 'damn' ..or worse....

I do know this much..... I always look for Ivory Soap to make sure it's still around but, I don' it. I just look at it.......... it caused me enough misery in my childhood. Not only do I know what it 'feels' like to bath in it....... I know what it 'tastes' like, too. I know that Ivory Soap makes me sneeze, also. I do know... I like the pure, clean scent of Ivory Soap. I just don't like it in my mouth... not at all.

I just wonder... what was it about my little girl mouth.... attracted a bar of Ivory Soap? Did I have a Ivory Soap magnet in my mouth? I can't figure out 'why'... my mom did that. I don't think she ever did anyone else's mouth like that. They said 'alot more and worse' than my one little cuss word. Could it have been because I was a girl?

In my 'family'........ women ruled. Women and their daughters forever at odds. They got along better with males. It seemed alot of 'cruel' things were inflicted on other 'female family members'. I know.............. and to be frank............. I may have been like that 'if' I'd had a daughter instead of a son. Thankfully, I had a son... I never did that to him. A daughter... I don't think some people are meant to have ..daughters. Especially when they only know 'how to treat daughters...the way they were treated'.

I wonder 'why'.... only my mouth knew Ivory Soap?

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  1. Oh I was fortunate---I never got my mouth washed out. BUT!!!!! My oldest grandson knows what Safeguard taste like! Oh yeah, it talked very ugle one day and I put some on his toothbrush and went to washing! Now I know why he thinks so much of you (as well as myself). Love, Ms. Nancy