Wednesday, December 14, 2011

'Susanne'.. My Facebook Friend, 'Copy and Paste'....

Below are..... my 'Comments' to Susanne, one of my dear Facebook Friends... who has been 'there' through the loss of my son, Tommy.  Through 'that' time... I've seen gentle words, comments from her.. to let
me know she cared.  So... she is one of  'my special Facebook Friends'.... like the many people who reached out from their life here in the USA, and different countries to let me know their prayers were with me and... they just cared.  They didn't have to.......... but, they did that.  Even in the state of mind I was in... I would sit and read at all times of the day and night...........with tears streaming down my face 'drinking in' the caring and the feelings they all sent to me by emailing and commenting. 

It meant the very world to me and with my husband, Skip, and my special friend, Lena in Sweden......... they were all my lifesavers tossed to me in that terrible sea of grief..and pain... so much pain.  I grabbed hold of each just as you'd grab each bar on the
'Monkey Bars' on a school playground.  I grabbed each one for dear life and... kept going, fighting to 'come back'. 

I'm here because of Skip and our Pups, Ms Nancy and my Facebook Friends... and when I 'stepped back out into the world' and made new friends there (like Sara, Connie and Ann, Donna, Kenan and Linda and Rita... the list goes on..they are all connected and they know who they are when they read this).  I don't get in their life nor my life... but, we each are 'there..just enough'. 

This is what I wrote in response to 'Susanne', my special Facebook Friend when she was asking me about my Blog and made me feel honored that she read it... she asked me about writing a Blog and if it should be about her, her life or be serious..or funny.  This is what I 'Commented' back to her.....taking advantage of the new thing Facebook is doing can write thousands of characters which means 'more words' in their comments!  I love that!

This is what I told her:

I have a feeling you'd write very well... plus be ..very entertaining. I sense you are fun and you could write about... anything. Write what you know best... I just write my way and what I know best.. my life. I don't bother to write in other people's words... I write in my own. I always write like I draw and paint......... freely and when I begin... I get 'lost' .. I'm even surprised when I come back to reality.. I look and look and hope it's all okay... if it's not... that's okay too.. I'm not perfect.. I'm me and won't pretend to be anything else. Yes, Susanne, I 'know' you could write about anything and probably write much better than I... I am always grinning at the comments you put on here.. you are witty and very smart! Why not just have fun? I know that I'm feeling excitement inside where I haven't before... maybe it's meant to do just this.. I've always wanted to write.. the people I thought should have always written a book, who are so much more educated and truly more intelligent and more witty and can write properly, haven't. These people are my husband and a cousin.. .... so.. I'm going to write and write and write... my way! :))) I will have several books published on my own just for my grandchildren, etc. .. at least. They will be able to 'see' a Granny Gee they haven't gotten to know in their life and I'll... be remembered by them... that's what is important to me. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.... 'this is my story and my story only'... it's no one else's. They have one all their own... their own life. Write, Susanne... I know you would be 'perfect' at it. :)))))))

12 minutes ago ·

  • Granny Gee Susanne.........I'm going to copy and paste what I just wrote to you in my Blog this morning, Susanne. It'll serve to remind people who take their valuable time to read 'what I wrote'... that I am just 'me' and I don't pretend to be rich, perfect or anything other than what I am. My words will reflect only sincerity and they'll be from my heart... and I sure AM NOT perfect at all... you can at least see that by my free-flowing writing ..of words........... like 'paint on my inner canvas'..the colors in my mind. I just want to write while I'm not painting or drawing.. the colors have come back to me ..I lost them when Tommy died.... they are back now.. and it's filling me with happiness again. I can 'fill myself up inside' with this and it helps me to think of him and not cry as often and to be able to speak of a wonderful, special person in my son. I can't just forget him.. he was real... people should never die and just be forgotten. They were special in life real... that means something. I have a place to write my memories..both good and bad. I don't have to write accordingly to what someone else thinks or feels... these are my feelings and there's no need to judge happens in ways we don't choose. What's important is what we learn and feel .. afterwards. I am still learning so is like that. I think I've just written to you, Susanne, what I'll write this morning in my Blog...and see what comes 'next'. :))))) I'll copy and paste now! Oh... by the way.... do you see how much I've written here? I read that now...Facebook has increased the numbers of characters one can write while commenting and writing on their profile page.......... I just took advantage of it! I hope everyone sees that.. who have alot to say.......... like I do.. now! :)))))
  • Above what I wrote to her taking advantage of the wonderful-extra words I could write on..Facebook!  Now... I'll go on to write more.....

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