Saturday, December 10, 2011

That's A Skeleton Wrapped In Cloth!!! That Man Has A Bat!

Skip and I were walking along the road near where we lived.  We lived in the countryside and our home was up on a 'mountain'.  In fact, when one drove up the steep driveway to where we lived... they loved it.  It looked like a park and one felt like they were ..indeed, in the mountains.  It was charming with all the pretty trees and rocks and how the sidewalk went down the hill to the deck one walked onto.. to come up on the porch.  I always had the feeling there should be a pond up there when the wind was blowing through the treetops.  It was peaceful and quiet living there.... and sometimes, scary things happened and I have some stories to tell over time when living there.

We were looking down toward a pool of water on the side of the road when I.... spotted cloth.. and I thought to myself.... 'why' would cloth be down there?!  Not only cloth but, a skeleton was inside!  The bones were in place on each end of the cloth and I felt a tingle go through my body.  Oh my goodness, someone has dumped a body here!

At nighttime when we lived there ... on that isolated country road... I saw and heard people stopping down below on the road.  I would go quietly outside on the deck to try to see what was happening.  There would be men who were drinking.. standing on the outside of their pickups or cars... peeing!!!
It happened all the time!  Sometimes just for meanness............ I would do this... yep, I did!

I would holler out 'hey John, are you out here?'  The next sound I would hear would be a door slamming and the vehicle would take off!  I would double over in laughter!

But... sometimes it wasn't so funny.  Once I witnessed a tall, white young man get out of his big pickup and walk to our mailbox and when he got to it... I saw him take his arm from his side where from up on the hill I didn't see it.... he had a baseball bat!  I watched in horror as he beat the mailbox all to pieces!  I didn't do anything but, stand there in shock and fear.  I felt like they were going to come up the driveway and hurt me!  Thankfully... they didn't. 

That incident began with me standing up on deck looking down at the road when a huge white pickup with dark tinted windows stopped all of a sudden (I heard it squealing tires just before I saw it) sat there for a moment as I looked in surprise at it... and I know that whoever they were... they were looking straight up at me!  That's when the driver of the truck spun it around in the road and drove back to our driveway... and the tall, white guy got out. 

Truthfully... I went into a shock because I had actually witnessed an act that was so brutal and so.......mean.  I wondered if that guy had ever hurt someone!  He stood there beating that mailbox like he wanted to 'kill' it!  I knew in my mind that they were mad because I was looking down at them from up on the deck.  I was so thankful they drove away.  I called Skip and I called the Sheriff's department and they sent a deputy out there.  I was in that shock and I kept saying I can't believe I witnessed such violence... I've seen some bad stuff but, that was bad... I'm glad it was just a mailbox and not.. a person.

Anyway...back to that skeleton!...... I told Skip to look at the skeleton and wondered aloud if it were human.  I told Skip that I knew deer didn't wear clothes... only people wear clothes.  We stood there looking and I told Skip I was calling someone to come look ... because someone could be missing... and if that was them no one would know it unless I called.

The detective came out and another officer drove up a few minutes later.  They determined it must be a... deer!  They thought that someone wrapped up a deer they'd killed out of season... or something.  I did hear the detective say 'I really can't tell if it's human or not'.  The more I looked at it.. I think it was a deer, also.

One never knows these days... people are all the time stopping on the side of lonely, isolated roads.  I've seen so much traveling and working in the hospital emergency room.... there really are lots of mean people who don't love and care like we do.  They don't have a heart at all... and one hears every morning of people who have been robbed and killed or beat up ...on the news.  I can't believe when I see faces on the people who are the ones who committed these acts..... no remorse, I see smirking and swaggering.. and alot of these people are young people!

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