Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thinking Tonight About Today.... Seeing Things In My Mind


December 17, 2011

I am just sitting here thinking while I look at the news on tv. Skip has gone to sleep in his comfortable recliner. Chadwick and Kissy, our Pups are both lying nearby. I have the Christmas lights on, also, the clear lights on another tree. Nearby the 'fireplace' is burning.. actually it's not real but, when one looks at it... they are fooled. The 'fire' looks so authentic. It's warm and cosy in the house... I sometimes walk outside on the porch closing the door behind me........ just so I can open the door and 'just come in'... to see and feel how cosy our home is.

I'm so thankful to have a warm and cosy home. I think of homeless people who are outside in this cold weather and when they are sitting somewhere they aren't seeing such happy things nor are they warm and cosy or fed. How sad is that?

My prayer for them is that somehow they are warm and have blankets and a thick coat and nearby... just something that can warm them and give off a soft light... something that gives them hope and somehow peace inside. I wish each and every one of them have food to fill them and a soft place to lay their head.

As I look at the day in my mind, I see the little squirrels and several opossums (possums) and a big dog... all of them had been struck by cars. As we saw them while we drove near Raleigh, my mind automatically said this prayer (I always say this prayer).... I pray that they didn't suffer and somehow didn't know anything. In my heart ..I care so much. Every animal I see on the road that has been killed by a vehicle I say that prayer for. Only Skip knows that and Tommy did when he was here... about me.

Wherever we are ..I look at people. I'm a people watcher and I enjoy looking at clothes, shoes and of course........ the wonderful colors.

Sometimes, I see people I sense are so unhappy, worried or just plain irritated.. or I see people come from inside their house and before I pass I get a glimpse of 'inside' and 'know' they live so hard.

I see little children that I just 'know' have a bad life ... their little faces dirty and their hair looks as if it's never been combed. It breaks my heart. Children and dogs are so innocent and are at the mercy of all of 'us adults' In my heart prayers for them is that they can be cared for and loved by good people... never bad people. I just care so much.

Sometimes I happen to see people I don't like at all... I only wish good things for them and in mind I send thoughts of only good for them. I don't ever wish bad things for them because... I don't want bad things to come back and bite me in the ass. Yes... I said that................ because it's very true.

If you wish bad things... things have a way of coming back to haunt you. I know....... and when I learned that the hard way.. many times in my life... I finally realized that when I wished mean things for people I despised... those mean things had a way of ...coming back to me.

I don't go to church but, I am a good person and my heart is good. I used to want to belong to a church but, I never felt the peace inside that I was looking for. I got tired of seeing the pretense and falseness of people and knew it wasn't for me. I will say there were some people I 'knew' were real and I respected them. I don't like to be 'preached' to... I 'know' what I need and want to do. In my mind I feel I'm close to God... I talk to him all the time. In my mind... I 'know' I am a good person and I strive to always be 'good'. Even when I'm 'mean' ..........I'm still a good person.

Anyway.. I was thinking ..............................

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