Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

TESTING... 123.... I'm Going To Hypnotize Skip!!! For Now... I'm Testing...123...

For the past several mornings I've been 'experimenting/testing'... and my best subject is ... of course.... Skip!!! He does the same to me from time to, we have to 'be on our toes'...... or the other can get the satisfaction of 'getting the best' of the other! I'm the 'best'!!! And... I mean to stay that way! :)))))))))))))))))

Yesterday morning while Skip was eating the breakfast I prepared for him I decided it's time to 'see if Skip will notice' what I'm doing! So, as I was clearing the dishes away, I was talking and laughing with him... and in the back of my mind 'I knew what I'd do'. I rinsed the dishcloth with warm sudsy water and wrung it out and still talking... I walked back to where he was sitting and simply began to wash the table.... I stood there 5 minutes washing the table and moving his coffee cup many times......and he never noticed!

We just continued to laugh and talk and smile and... I continued to wash the table and move his coffee cup to wash beneath it! I believe it would have went on for much longer if I hadn't become tired!

This morning.... after he ate his breakfast.. I decided to do this experiment again to just see if he'd notice. I had already cleared the table off and had 'already washed the table off!' I got the dishcloth that was warm from being rinsed in sudsy water and wrung it out good......... and went to the dining table while we were in conversation. I began to wash the table ..only in front of him! I kept going around and around in small swirls..... while we talked and smiled and laughed.. and I could see his face and he could see mine..... I'd make eye contact while smiling and I swear I think I could hypnotize him .. when it comes ..time! :)))))

I was seeing 'how long he'd let me keep doing it and ...notice'! I was seeing if I could 'hypnotize' him! :)))))))))) As Tommy would say when someone would lift their eyesbrows at him when he'd say something that would surprise them and was funny............ he'd say 'I roll that way!' I would laugh when he'd say that.... he and Skip were so good coming up with the cleverest and most witty words... they'd both been fun comedians!

Back to me washing that dining room table... and my experiment! That Skip never paid me any mind at all and I washed as long as I wanted to! I 'hypnotized' him again! So, with testing complete..... I will be thinking of other ways to hypnotize him! I will keep you posted......... it will be something I'm looking forward to doing! Yeah... I like to get the best of that old Boy sometimes!

I know I can do some good and fun things... I just know I can... just ask Skip!

Testing... 123 Testing... 123 Mmmmmmm...mmmmmmmmmmm ... I'm thinking now!

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