Monday, December 26, 2011



We buy big steaks to grill and you always

season it to the point where I can't eat it, with garlic and Montreal seasoning and ____ like that!'

'But, I'm not seasoning MY steak to suit you... I'm seasoning it the way I LIKE to eat it'.

They are grilling their steaks side by side on the grill... each having seasoned 'their own' steak ....'their own' ..way!

He puts only salt and pepper on his steak and puts it on the grill... she puts garlic and Montreal seasoning on her steak... and puts it on the grill.

They enjoy cooking steaks ... together. The air is cool and there's the smell of steak cooking in the air... their mouths are watering in anticipation of eating steak... each steak seasoned 'to their own taste'.

They bring the steaks inside to enjoy eating. Their Pups are close by ...ready to get any little tidbits fed to them!

Mmmmm-mmmmmm ... each steak is so good! MY steak is so darn good and IT IS SEASONED MY WAY! I savor each little piece of meat as I eat it... the seasoning 'perfect'.

Skip is enjoying his steak and looking forward.... to get part of mine! He wants me to season it 'for him' .... now.... 'why' would I want to season it to taste for... him?

No can do... it's my steak and I'm going to cook it the way I want!

But...... you don't eat it all, Skip tells me.... and I tell him... it really doesn't matter... it's MY steak. He says but, you should season it like I do and that way.... you can give it to me to eat when you don't eat it all.

I tell him that if I don't eat all of it........ isn't the point. I have to season it for my enjoyment... just as he seasons his for his enjoyment... and with my hands up in the air... I say 'why in the world would I season mine for someone else to love... and I'm the one the steak is meant for?' I mean.... just WHY in the world would I do that?

It'd be like you cooking your special food you look very forward to it, cooked exactly the way you love it.... and then, I come along and say 'fix it my way just in case you don't eat it all'. What would you say to!!! See.... what I mean?

Oh... the Pups ...Mr. Kissy and Mr. Chadwick.... they get their share of little cut-up pieces of steak and they love it seasoned, unseasoned... it doesn't matter. See................. if Skip was like that, he could eat what I couldn't eat!

That's what happens when you don't like garlic and Montreal seasoning... I love it and I'M GOING TO SEASON MY STEAK WITH IT...... now!

Skip, you need to read this! I'm holding my ground on this! :)))) I mean it now!

I don't believe it! I just read this to Skip and he had the nerve to say.......'most men would side with him'...and I said 'just what do you mean?' Skip said 'because they would want to eat leftover steak, too'. Of course, he went on to say... it should be seasoned so the husband would like it, too!

I'm just left shaking my head...... and my mouth scrunched up.. and my eyes opening and closing, and my shoulders 'rocking'........ he still doesn't get the point.

It's my steak... it's just MY STEAK.


  1. Oh yeah I have to side with you! Each person should cook their food (no matter what it is) to suit their own taste. Why would one cook their food to suit someone else? That would be plain silly! Let me know if you have steak left over. I can eat it the way you cook it! Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. Ned and I argue over how to season a roasted chicken, lol! I guess all married couples have some disputes like this!