Saturday, January 21, 2012





I was thinking of a saying my Grandma Alma always said about people. I have watched since being a child at her house... people.

I have been a people-watcher and I have studied them, and myself all these years. How interesting we all are!

Have you ever noticed several friends, or several members of a family tend to stick together... they all have things in common. They are all birds of a feather... they stick together!

Myself, I'm very careful who I 'stick' with... in fact, people say I shut people out of my life. In a sense, that's pretty much the truth... though I have lots of 'friends'. Friends of every kind, even though ...we aren't the same kind of bird!

I like birds of all kinds of feathers! I like unusual birds that have lots of color to their personalities.. they have the nerve to stand out in a good way.

I don't like loud or obnoxious people, we'll call them birds here, too. Those kind of birds tear my nerves up... just let me get the heck away from them... they can go stick with those birds that are just like them. I don't have patience for them... though, I do treat them with respect as, I hope they would me.

I like quiet birds who don't try to demand attention with their voices or dress... usually... these are the birds who are very important. They don't feel the need to prove anything.. they don't have to make a big noise to be seen. I always pay attention to these birds... they are my kind of birds!

It's fun to watch the birds of a feather who are constantly trying to stand out, sometimes to the point they make fools of themselves. Sometimes, I feel embarassed watching them... they think because they say or do something cute... they are important.

They are important to the point... that they teach us to not want to be like that. They place value on dressing sexy, and saying cute things, and brag and be very arrogant birds. I used to be a cute, sexy, arrogant bird at one time... but, I grew up. Oh.. this bird knew how to strut her stuff... not many birds hung with me... this bird just knew she was 'the bird'. Bird, Bird, Bird!

I like being my own bird, I'm a different kind of bird. I like birds I see that have my same feathers. One never knows about birds like us... we are quiet, when we say something... people usually listen... we make people curious. They might not even like us... but, they want to hear what we say.

Sometimes birds like us, will say or do things to completely throw off track, others who try to get too close. We can like or love them, but... stay back. Don't get too close, I can't 'see' you. To love you is to love at a distance. To love a bird like me... you have to know me.

I'm one hard bird to love! Birds of my feather are very hard to understand but, in my opinion we are some of the best birds. We are real, maybe more 'real' than others want.

No matter how good, how kind, how real and how caring... birds of my feather aren't always liked best. We are usually too honest for our own good. When one asks a bird like myself something, he is normally going to get a direct answer... there have been times when I've said 'mind your own business'... 'I don't want to talk about it'...'I'm very private'.

I can say that birds of a feather that are my kind of birds... are usually respected because the one thing others can know is that they know these birds can be relied on to keep their word.

Birds that flock together have the same things in common... it's fun to sit back and observe to see 'what that one thing in common'..... is. Sometimes I laugh when I 'see'... it's amazing what makes birds flock together.

Sometimes... I laugh at the birds like myself... laugh at how we've become 'ole' birds, not really 'old' birds. I don't feel old at all, I do see where life whipped me up the worst ever... but, I have decided since last night.... I'm coming out of this path I'm on... I'm going to begin shining again. I love bright, shining, happy and colorful birds. I miss them!

Birds who don't impose on others, and have alot of respect for others, and keep a distance... I pay attention to... they are my kind of birds, too. They never take anything for granted and know that things do happen and change... for a reason. They look for the lesson of life in those things.

Birds like my kind of birds of a feather... don't take from others, they are more comfortable giving. They don't make fun of others, they are forgiving of others' faults... or imperfections. They never try to hurt for the sake of hurting others, nor make fun of and laugh at others. We are good 'ole' birds.

Sometimes... birds like me can laugh and be silly as all get out... we hop up and down on one foot, we raise Cain, we sing and do all kinds of funny things... and we are the best birds you've ever seen.

Birds of a feather stick together... I wonder what kind of bird are you?

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  1. Oh my little bird friend! You know the kind of bird I am!! You would know better than anyone else. This bird will be there when you need her and at times just when you want her. Love, Ms. Nancy