Thursday, January 12, 2012



I stand on the path in the darkness

weeping, sobbing with my very being

for the loss of life that I brought into this world

for the loss of my only child, my son


I look up in the darkness trying to see

I'm trapped here in my grief

I want out, please!

My path is dark and scary

I see no way out.

I hear Skip calling, I can't see you

I hear you saying come back

I can't, there no light here to see

I'm on this dark path of sadness and grief.

I can't come back.

I want to die, the pain is so great

I want to just fall down and lay.

Do I see a bit of light in the darkness?

I stand up and walk slowly toward it

the light disappears, I fall down

I can't see.

I'm trapped here in the darkness

help me, please!

The pain and grief is just too much

there's no way out, I can't see.

My body is wracked with sobs

weeping is the only thing I can do

I can't bear this pain of losing

my only child, my son

I lay here weeping in my pain.

I think I see sunshine up above

shining through the bare limbs

down on the dark path I lay on

I get up to see

The dark path is pooled with light

here and there, defining it for me

I begin to walk slowly to leave this dark world

I've been here so long and want to see

colors of the rainbow, white clouds in the sky

Let me out, please

The path becomes a little brighter for me

I know I'll be back on this dark path

For now, there's the light

so I can see.

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates

Written 1-12-2012

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  1. Today has been a dark day. My nephew was killed by a drunk driver 8 years ago today. I still feel that pain. It is not the pain of losing an only child but the pain of losing a nephew that I was very close to. At one time he lived with me. We helped each other. Today is a dark day for me. We will survive our loss. We have to look for the sunshine that will help us through this. Love, Ms. Nancy