Tuesday, January 10, 2012



by Granny Gee

January 10, 2012

Several things happened after my mother died. I happened to look into the bedroom where I kept her ashes on the mantle. My desk and computer was close by the king-size bed. I'd been through an illness so, everything was conveniently close to me.

I had been out of the room and as I came back, I saw that the room was filled with smoke! I became panicky and ran in there, I began sniffing the air, there was no smoke smell. I noticed my computer screen began scrolling fast and I went to look at it, as I stood there, I heard dishes fall in the kitchen!

I knew it was my mother. She and I had talked about coming back to let the other know it was us, if possible. I didn't feel afraid at all.

Soon after that, I opened the wardrobe to get a new pair of walking shoes that I'd worn several times. I'd wrapped the shoes back in the tissue, and put them back in the box with the lid on. The wardrobe was new as well, and had a sturdy back on it, and two nice front doors that 'locked' magnetically.

I sat down on the chair to open the box to get my shoes out, as I did, rice began to fall out of that box! We had hunter green carpet and the rice made a white pile as it grew. I was so surprised!

I was always finding pennies in unusual places. We had spoken of making pennies appear if one of us 'went' before the other.

These are the times I 'felt' my mother. Everything I have written is true.

By Granny Gee

Postscript: I've seen strange things through the years of my life.

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  1. Wow! That is strange. Then again things have gone on in my house since my grandmother died. I just talk to my grandmother and things are OK. So I know things can happen after a person dies. I really believe that. Love, Ms. Nancy