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(Part 1)

January 06, 2012

Waking up from the dream she knew in her heart that something was about to change in her life.

Anytime she had a dream that had blood in it always warned her that changes were on the way, possibly a big fuss with her husband. That was usually happened, that was, if they were speaking.

She got up and felt uneasy. She checked her young son who was sleeping in the next room, he was fine. She stood there looking down at him with love in her eyes.

Walking down the hall she thought about what was going to happen now. This dream meant something very bad ... something that would break her heart. Blood in her dreams always meant something and it was never a happy something.

The pure white dove was flying over a pure white greeting card. How special, how beautiful... she thought. The dove flew over the pure white greeting card began bleeding.

Drops of red blood coming from the pure white dove dripped onto the pure white greeting card. The red drops splattered as they fell.... she woke up... feeling nervous, uneasy.

In her mind she already knew something was going to happen, she didn't fool herself. She just had no idea of how soon it would happen.

She walked into the living room where her cousin, Jimmy, was asleep on the couch. He'd come to visit for several days. She called him softly and he woke up smiling. She told him she'd just had a bad dream and was worried something had happened to her husband, Anthony.

It was 3:00 am in the morning and Anthony hadn't come home yet. She felt that familiar nervous, sick feeling in her stomach again. She felt that alot, he didn't come home alot.

He is with someone else, she thought. She 'knew' deep inside that he was but, she kept on with her marriage for her son's sake. She'd come from a broken home and didn't want her son to do the same.

Fourteen years of her young life and it was still the same thing. Anthony was gone all the time and when he did come home they didn't talk. There were cold silences of unspoken words that said it all... it was a matter of time.

She told Jimmy that she felt she needed to drive up the country road just for several miles to make sure Anthony was okay. Anthony had a reputation of driving fast and hard and it was said that one day he'd wreck and kill himself. He'd been in several wrecks in the past.

Jimmy told her he didn't mind keeping an eye on her little son, Tommy. She felt good about leaving him there with her child and went to dress.

Walking outside, standing in the cool air she thought she heard something to her right. She looked in that direction and listened.

The sound was coming from the nightclub next door. She knew the store was closed and now, at this time someone was still at the nightclub, in the parking lot. She wondered 'who'.............

Her home was fourteen miles out from either town... there were two big towns on each side of her. She lived on 19 1/2 acres that she and her husband owned. Beside that land, Anthony's cousin, owned 1 acre. He had built a new store on it and had made the other building into a nightclub of all things. He made lots of money with both.

Where she stood was up on a big hill where she could look down at the highway in front or walk over to the right, and look down at the store and the nightclub. She did just that.

She stood there propping on the fence and watched a couple playfully kissing each other, locking into one long passionate kiss.

She began to freeze in shock.... as she became aware that.... that looks like Anthony. Anthony doesn't dance, nor does he go to nightclubs!

She watched in shock... as she realized that it was her husband and indeed, Anthony was at a nightclub and he was with a blonde-headed woman.

The driveway was a circle drive with Bombardy Poplar trees on the inside of the driveway bordering the circle of grass. One entered the driveway from the highway to go up the hill to turn right to go out to the huge building that was a garage, or bear left to park at the top of the hill or continue on around down the hill to the highway.

Where she stood was near the driveway at the top of the hill. She watched as Anthony got into his car... strange, she didn't notice that it was sitting there. As he walked away from the woman to get in his car, she thought 'I didn't have to go anywhere afterall'.

As Anthony started his car to drive off, she walked down the hill following the fence. It was a very light night, the moon was shining brightly... her favorite kind of night.

She arrived at the end of the fence down at the entrance of the driveway just as Anthony turned in with his car.

He stopped when he saw her standing there.... he looked scared. She stood there looking him straight into his eyes and spoke softly, 'get out, get your things and get out now'. They were the only words spoken and for once he didn't say anything.

Anthony drove up the driveway and parked. She walked up the driveway watching him park and then, walk up the steps to cross the yard to their home.

Everything was in slow motion and so.... quiet. She felt anger and pain in her heart. She always said 'if' she ever saw him with someone, she wasn't going to live with him.... fourteen years later, it came true... it happened.

She went inside to make sure he was leaving. Jimmy was up and looking at her in question... she told him she'd tell him later. Anthony left with clothes and told her he'd come back for the rest later. She nodded at him.

She told Jimmy that when she woke up from her dream she knew deep down something bad was happening... this was it. Anthony was next door in the nightclub parking lot kissing a woman.

This began a whole new life for her and she didn't know it at that time.... it forever changed her son's life in the worst way. Not only did it change her young son's life, it forever changed hers.

The woman whom she'd seen kissing her husband ...was a bad woman in more ways than one. She wasn't a regular, everyday woman... a normal woman. No, this woman was of a different world, a scary world and this world now, touched the lives of her and her young child... as time went by... she learned about fear, real fear.

She had no choice in the matter... she was too young and naive to realize such things and people ... were real in life, not just in her books that she loved to read. The woman, Glenda, hated her because she was Anthony's wife and she hated her because Anthony still wanted her back.

One day she and Glenda had a confrontation... she told Glenda in the sweetest, softest voice ....'I'm not afraid of you, Glenda. Also, I'm glad you have Anthony in your life now... you can walk in my shoes, and see how it feels'. Glenda saw that she meant it, but, she was still jealous. She thought it was amazing that the 'other woman' was .... jealous of the wife.

She also, was afraid of Glenda.. Glenda could easily have her killed... Glenda wasn't your everyday housewife or woman... no, Glenda was very dangerous, her friends were very dangerous. She never knew there were 'real' people like Glenda.

Naive, so innocent and not understanding alot about life..... once one of Glenda's friends was attracted to her and he said something to her that she always remembered. As years went by and terrible events happened.. she began to understand 'why' he said that to her.

This man was very sophisticated and older, he dressed in the most expensive, beautiful clothes and he was so ........ worldly. She thought he was very handsome and... he seemed so ..dangerous. She just didn't know... yet.

She agreed to go out supper with him and amazingly... with Anthony and Glenda. She always wondered 'why' did she do that. She was the youngest and... wasn't as worldly and as confident as the others were. Maybe she went so, she could prove she wasn't jealous of Anthony, that he had no hold on her heart anymore.

She sat there knowing they outclassed her in their knowledge of the world and ..... she couldn't place it, how could she know? Danger, danger, danger... she kept feeling danger and she felt ..fear.

She had one thing on her side.. she was beautiful and no matter what she dressed in... it looked like it was made... just for her. Like her beautiful mother........ she'd become as beautiful if not, moreso. Men wanted her, wanted to possess her.

She didn't want the men, she would never trust men again. She did, however, want their attention ... but, not to ever touch her with their hands. She had trusted Anthony and with that trust gone.. she didn't want anymore.

The man she sat with that night at supper wasn't like any guys she'd ever met... he was like actors on movies she watched. He acted as if he owned the world, he was so sure of himself. Later in years she did find out.... he was way out of her league and she was right.... danger, danger, danger.

That night they were all laughing and talking ... Anthony and Glenda and this man. She sat smiling sweetly as she realized slowly that.... Anthony had been living a second life, one she didn't know anything about. She sensed... a scary life. The feeling she had made her stomach feel nervous. She just didn't know... but, she learned through time just as she learned what the man she was with, said to her... meant.

They were laughing and talking and the man looked over at her with his twinkling eyes and said 'here, kitty-kitty', in a soft voice. She felt so strange when he said that. She only smiled and said nothing... she didn't understand why he said that to her. Was it because when she was listening to them talk.... she could sense they were 'double-talking' around her and looked at them in question? She didn't dare ask... she felt she shouldn't.

She excused herself from the table on the excuse that she'd like to walk outside out on the deck of the restaurant... she could see the light of the moon reflecting on the ocean. She wanted to feel the cool sand of the beach on her bare feet... she wanted free of these people and to just go home.

She'd noticed as she got up to walk outside that the man seemed to nod his head.. she didn't see why he did that and went on to forget.

She was walking on the beach breathing deep breaths of fresh air, stopping to dig her toes into the coolness of the sand, and to stand with her legs apart and hold her head back letting the ocean breeze blow her soft, blue skirt around her. She dropped her sandals onto the sand and placed her hands in her hair and began fluffing it in the breeze. It felt so beautiful, she was beautiful. She began to turn around in the ocean breeze gently, swaying her body and keeping her eyes closed.

She was lost in the sound of the ocean waves, dancing with the wind. She held her skirt with her hands... so, the breeze could touch her bare legs... it felt wonderful.

She leaned her head this way and that way... just as she did when she danced in her mirrors. How beautiful she was in the moonlight, the soothing sound of the ocean, dancing with the ocean breeze.

Her blonde hair sparkled with kisses from the moonlight.. she was beautiful, she felt beautiful and.... she forgot anyone else was in the world... until..........

'Hey baby!' The sound of a male voice brought her back to reality... it wasn't a happy feeling. She opened her eyes to see two young men standing there looking at her... and she felt afraid of them. She wasn't used to being 'out in the world'... and now, she was out in the world... alone! She didn't know what they would do.. and she'd walked some distance from the restaurant.

One of the men began walking toward her and she began backing up. He was grinning at her and she could see in his eyes... he was going to.... oh no! his hands were going to reach for her. As she began to turn to run.........

She heard, then saw two more men come up from nowhere! She knew she didn't have a chance now. She stood there, her eyes wide with fear, her breath was caught in her throat, she couldn't breathe and she felt so faint!

She heard one of men who had just come up tell the two younger men that they best be going their way. Something about the two men who'd just come up... made the two younger men look only for a moment and turn to walk away quickly.

She was left with these two men and she sensed something so different about them... they were like the man she'd come to the restaurant with... she felt 'danger, danger, danger'... but, she didn't feel it was directed at her. Strangely enough, she felt now.

They walked in the direction of the restaurant and she followed slowly behind... she just wanted to get back inside. She walked up the steps onto the deck, and followed the men inside. She watched the two men out of curiosity as she walked to her table and happened to glance to the man she'd come with.. and saw him nod his head again.

She quickly looked in the direction the nod was intended and saw the two men who'd saved her on the beach. Both ..nodded their heads slightly ...back to the man she was with. She didn't understand any of this, but, for the moment she was so happy to see even Glenda and Anthony sitting there laughing and talking and the man she'd come with. She didn't stray off anymore.

'Here, kitty-kitty'..... looking back, how so very innocent she was. She just didn't know... but, how could she?

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