Saturday, January 7, 2012



She was both excited and nervous... the mix of emotions was a 'good' feeling. She loved it, she felt alive.

She was going dancing... she was going to dance to her heart's content. It didn't matter if everyone else grew tired, she wasn't going to stop. If there was anything more than She loved, it was dancing.

She felt the music in her soul, her body. She became one with the music and the world disappeared. She was the music, the instruments...

She liked to go dancing by herself... she liked to leave by herself. She always had someone asking her out.. she rarely went out with anyone. She liked being to herself, though she was lonely, it was alot less trouble. She had enough in her life and didn't need anyone else's baggage.

She loved to wear her tight blue jeans and a smart blouse, and blue suede boots dancing. She even had a blue suede cowgirl hat she'd wear sometimes... depending on her mood. She was far from being a cowgirl... it was just a fun thing to do!

She put those tight blue jeans on and a white blouse, and decided to wear heels instead of the blue suede boots. She didn't want to mess up her hair.. it was fixed just as she liked it. Her hair was her pride, and her trademark. Everyone knew She by her hair.

She's hair.... full, beautiful and blonde with highlights, curly. She's hair was shoulder length, framing her beautiful face to perfection. She's mirror told her how beautiful she was.

She danced in front of her mirror and smiled at the face that smiled back at her. Her eyes twinkled and reflected excitement. She was going dancing .. She just wanted to have fun... just good, clean fun. She wanted to come home and wake up the next morning feeling good about herself.

She walked into the door, stood for several minutes. No one could have guessed the nervous feeling she had in her stomach. She was shaking inside, but very happy to hear the music and to see people. She was excited... she could hear the music!

The music knew She was there, it was pulling her......

She stood there to compose herself... it took alot for her to come alone... She wanted to dance and she didn't want to wait... she wanted to dance ... now.

She felt eyes on her and she saw the interest she'd created in everyone... they saw her. Everyone saw her. This added to the excitement and nervousness she had in her stomach... it also, added something that made her stand ... strong, straight and confident.

She held her head high and began her walk to the table she'd chosen while standing at the door. When She walked, people paid attention.. when She didn't walk .. people paid attention.

She sat down at her table, smiling at people close by. Women smiled with their mouths but, not their eyes. She knew why the women didn't really smile, they were threatened.. by her. She also, knew.... they didn't have a thing to worry about.

She just wanted to dance. She wanted to dance and she would dance with anyone, it didn't matter. Handsome men, young men, ugly men, intoxicated men... it didn't matter.......... as long as they didn't make her uncomfortable with their hands.

She didn't come to make other women jealous, or to cause them pain. She knew how those emotions felt and how they could destroy someone's very soul. She'd been there... yes, She, knew how it felt, and she didn't want to hurt anyone.

She just wanted to dance... dance she would. She could dance and ... the dance floor would always clear for.... She. Something magical and special was about to happen!

She was about to become the music she heard, she felt in her soul. She would become the drums she heard and felt vibrate through her being. The music was beginning to pull her.. there was no stopping her... who would want to?

She was approached by an older man. He had gray hair and one could see that he was ..somebody. He had twinkling eyes and she could see he liked her, liked her spunk for walking in as she did. He asked to dance with her.

She thought it just perfect... She liked to build up slowly and enjoy savoring every moment she got to dance. She didn't just get out on that floor to ... just dance.

No, when She danced.... she became one with the music. She was the music filling every eye with her vision. She made it magical and special. She became lost in the beat of her own soul.

She danced with the older man to a slow song. She's body began to become more relaxed... swaying and turning gently, stretching the nervousness out, replacing nervousness with... the feeling She recognized that signaled she was on her way to ...become the music!

She smiled, and gently flirted with the older man, not in a bad way... a happy, good way. The older man was flattered and they connected and both began to dance together .. people who watched began to 'see'... something special was going to happen tonight.. this beautiful woman was the one to watch. Watch... they did.

She enjoyed dancing with the older man, she loved the respect he showed her. He escorted her back to her table where she sat down to cool off and watch the other dancers.

She took a cool sip of her Pepsi, it was so good. She kept a piece of ice in her mouth to suck on... She loved to eat ice! She felt happy.... the lights were making colors on the floor, inviting She to come back out to the colors.

She accepted offers to dance with different men, young and old, alike. Some were handsome, some not so handsome. When each man walked away .. they felt special ... they truly liked She! Dancing with She ..made them feel like somebody, whether they were or, not.

She began knowing it was ... getting time. It's time... she began to feel that breathless feeling that came ahead of those special times in her life... the magical and special times when.. she could become... a part of everything around her.

She was going to become the music... it was filling her up and soon, she would become lost and forget there was anyone else in that room.

She walked out on the dance floor while all eyes watched her.. it was like they knew they were going to witness something so special... something people rarely get to see. They were in the right place, at the right time.

She watched the band play, she heard and felt the drums, she danced and flirted with the man singing. He began to play to She! She felt the music and she had been building up to this special, magical moment. She felt her body change and as her body began to become music, She closed her eyes.

She had become lost in the music in her soul, the beat of her own rhythm. To watch her was special... one saw a beautiful, young woman who was dancing to the beat of her own music. Her partner forgotten, who just stood to watch her. He didn't mind.

One by one, the dancing couples backed up to make a space on that big floor. All She saw was the magical space she needed to be in... filled with moving, rotating colorful lights. The colors called her name, the music pulled her... She was the music!. She was the colors!

She began to dance... not just dance, but... dance to the sound in her soul, her heart, her very being. She was the sound of the music filling every heart, she was all everyone saw with their eyes, she was the colors of the lights rotating around the room, touching everyone's heart, touching everyone's soul.

She was you, me and everyone in that room... she expressed in her dance what everyone wished for... peace of mind and happiness, to forget all the pain and hurt she had been through, to forget fear that had begun following her, being her shadow.

For a short time, She forgot... slowly she began to become aware of her surroundings, the people sitting and standing to watch her dance her heart out. She felt light, light as a feather! She began to walk toward her table ... people began clapping their hands.

They had loved watching She! The women were smiling and She smiled back.. they had understood she wasn't there to threaten them, she was there to .... just forget, to just dance.

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  1. I always knew you could dance! We both know how to dance. I am sure we can still dance. I like you, enjoy getting lost in the music sometimes. Love, Ms. Nancy