Thursday, January 19, 2012




What have you made there? They sure look good. Mmm-mmm, looks like nuts and stuff in them.

Those are brownies I made for a baby shower, Uncle. No, no, don't touch them, they are for the shower!

Skip and Ann looked at each other... these two teenage cousins were always getting into mischievious situations. They were close cousins who did many things together.

Their eyes told each other that Skip's father doesn't need to get a brownie from that plate! Oh no, he has picked one up!

Ann asked him to put it back, that the number of pieces she cut was exactly the number of people who would be at that shower. Skip's father, who was Ann's uncle.... looked at her and told her that he really would like to have one, and he was sure no one was going to miss... one.

There was nothing they could do at this point but, to let him eat that big brownie! Skip and Ann looked at each other, both thinking ..... 'Oh My God'.

Ann had baked those special brownies for the party they were going to that night! Truthfully, there were no thoughts of a baby shower at all! No, these special brownies were meant to be eaten by certain party-goers who were going to have a good time!

Skip's father had that big brownie in his hand, he took a big bite of that brownie, and said that brownie was one of the best he'd ever tasted. He walked out the door smacking his lips. Yes, he sure did like that big, old brownie. He was going to ask Ann to make him some more! It had nuts and stuff... in it. Good!

Ann and Skip went on about what they were doing, forgetting about Skip's father taking that big brownie. They did worry... at first!

About an hour later, Skip's mother called for him, and she sounded alarmed! Skip, please come here, please come here! Skip and Ann both looked at each other, their eyes wide and silly grins on their faces!

They wanted to laugh hysterically but, knew they needed to play innocent... they both were sure Skip's mother was calling because of... something to do with Skip's dad! Afterall, he'd eaten that big, old brownie!

Skip's mother met them in the hall and she said 'hurry, I've got to take your father to the hospital!' Skip asked her 'why?' She told Skip that his father was in there sitting on the couch.... and he thinks he is going crazy!

Skip and Ann 'knew' they couldn't let Skip's daddy go to the hospital! Oh no, they couldn't do that! They would be in such trouble!

They walked into the living room and Skip's dad was sitting there on the couch eating.... potato chips from a bag. He sure was hungry, he said. He now felt better, and he didn't feel he was going crazy... he just wanted something to eat! He said he'd never been so hungry!

Skip had to leave the room and called Ann as he walked out... they both ran laughing and giggling, their bodies shook with such laughter! They knew everything was going to be alright now... with just alittle more time. They'd keep an eye on Skip's father... they sure would!

They went back into the kitchen and several minutes later, Skip's father came through the door. He walked straight toward that plate of brownies, and said he had to have one more of those things, they sure was good!

Ann and Skip looked at each other... Ann ran to the plate of brownies and snatched them up before he got one of those big, old brownies! 'Oh no, you don't... these brownies are for the baby shower, Uncle!'

Skip's father said he was just hungry, and those big old brownies sure taste good, he really would like to have 'please just one more?'

There was no way they would let him have another brownie. They were lucky this time ... if he'd went to the hospital.. they'd been in big trouble. Oh no... no, no, no..Skip's father wasn't going to get another one of these ... brownies. Not these big, old brownies!

These were special brownies, chock full of nuts and..... stuff! These big, old brownies were magical! These big, old brownies made people feel good, feel happy. They didn't want Skip's father to get any happier than he was... nor any hungrier. They sure was glad he felt good, now.

Brownies, big, old brownies chock full of nuts................... and stuff. Yeah, a whole plate of big, old brownies full of nuts....... and stuff.

Skip's father sure felt good, he loved brownies with nuts and stuff, he wanted Ann to make him a whole plate of them! She promised she would soon, and her thoughts were that she'd be leaving something out of his plate of brownies! She'd leave one ingredient out for sure! That was the...... stuff!



  1. Ha! I bet I know the "stuff" that was in those big old brownies!! Makes me think about my next brownies! Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. I have enlarged the font/print so, my followers can read my blog with ease. I hope you like it, and let me know if there's something else I need to try. Thank-you... you all mean the world to me! Granny Gee/Gloria

  3. I was lmao when I was reading this story. It was so funny. I could picture the whole event in my mind, I told my husband about it and he was amused as well. Love all your stories.
    Nannie Gee ♥