Saturday, January 21, 2012


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates... January 21, 2012

Today, Skip and I went to Walmart to pick up a prescription at their pharmacy.  We also, stopped by the McDonalds there to enjoy a double-fish sandwich... we do this in memory of Tommy, who loved double-fish sandwiches from McDonalds.

I love to people-watch... you know how we all love to do... we conveniently forget we are 'people', too.  I noticed alot of things people had in common today.

Today... it seemed to be 'short' day... I noticed people seemed to be short little people, short round people, short-short people!  I've never seen so many short people in one place.  I felt strange.... even though, I'm short as well!!!

I saw short people trying to be tall people.. they had their little tight blue jeans on and boots with six inch heels.  I couldn't believe how many short people had on these boots with six inch heels!

Some wobbled on their heels, some walked smoothly on their heels, and some walked... as if they really hurt!

I had on my tight blue jeans with my.... white shape-up sneakers.  I'm short and .... round at present.  I fit right in... I didn't have to look up to anyone... oh, I forgot... I did look up to one person... that was Skip.  :)))

I love being short... I also, love to be around tall people too.  I wonder 'where' those tall people were today?  Really... how come there weren't any tall people at this Walmart today?

Maybe there was a tall convention going on somewhere and I hadn't heard of it.  Maybe these tall people were just plain out tired and wanted to give 'us short people' a 'short day'. 

Whatever the reason these tall people had... I want you to know that I missed them.... I could see over everyone's head and see 'everything'.  Yes, I missed seeing those tall people.  I love tall people, too. 

I love big tall people, round tall people, tall-tall people!  I missed you today at Walmart!

This is just purely observation on my part today....   :)))

Come out, come out, wherever you are
Tall people, I missed seeing you!  This is from a short person who likes tall people... too!

That's Granny Gee...That's Me!

Note To My Childhood Friend, Nancy... you are short, too!  You'd noticed this, if you'd been there!  :)))  Now... everyone knows you are ...short, too!


  1. I agree! It must be short people day. I went to Roses' in Henderson and what I saw was short people too--except one man that was a little taller than me. I noticed because I was looking for someone tall enough to get a shirt down that was hanging too high for me to reach. Just before I had made up my mind to ask him to get the shirt down, he was gone. I never saw him again. So I didn't get the shirt. Just to let your readers know---yes I am short but my friend didn't tell ya'll, I am also nice and round! Ha! We got to be honest here and tell it like it is! Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. You and Ms.Nancy are so funny. I am neither tall or short. I am around 5'5". But my youngest son always leans on my shoulders as he is 6'4", and he stands even straighter when trying to make me look shorter.(it works) Nannie Gee ♥