Thursday, February 16, 2012



I am going to vent this morning about my internet service.  I can't get at this time internet like I used to always have... that was Centurylink, the very best in my opinion.  It was fast, reliable and...wonderful.  They don't have it 'quite here yet'... though the neighborhood is just now, getting ready to petition for Centurylink to bring the internet this far.

When we moved February 2010, I thought since we were just several miles from town... we'd have it.  I was wrong.  I have to get internet service through Sprint.  I have a mobile hotspot unit that I can use for wireless internet... it's more expensive to use than Centurylink where I had unlimited internet cheaper.  I have 5 Bigabytes with Sprint for 59.00 monthly.  It's awful, some days I can't get  internet at all if  it's very cloudy, or many people are on it, or for whatever reason.

Well, I ran out of my 5 gigabytes this past weekend, and have been going to the library to write my stories each morning this week.  I have and haven't enjoyed it.  There are about 8-10 computers in there, and it gets crowded with adults, young people and little children.  People sit down next to me, coughing sneezing and I can tell they are very sick with colds.  I have to be careful about getting sick with colds.  I could end up in the hospital.  I keep my hands away from my face, and wash them soon as possible.

I know my readers have noticed my stories being later each morning this week.  I wanted you to know what has happened... and that after Saturday, this weekend... my internet data usage will begin again.  I won't have this problem again.  I love being home and getting up early to write each morning getting my story written, published online like I normally do.  I love staying in touch with my audience, getting and reading my emails from you, and seeing any comments you've left on my blog.  That means the world to me.

On Facebook, I got so many wonderful birthday wishes that I want to take my time to read when my  internet is back to normal.  I tried to use the last bit of data usage this week to read and answer emails... I used it all yesterday evening.  All be back to normal this weekend.

Oh, the reason I don't want to go over the internet data usage is because when we moved here last February 2011.... I didn't understand how it worked... I went over the 5 gigabytes.... our bill was $474.00!  I learned the hard way, and I didn't like it!

Thank-you for 'listening' to me this morning.  This was on my mind.  I love the library on my own terms.  Anyway... Granny Gee will glad to be on her own internet... in  her own home.  :)))  Talk to you tomorrow!

Note:  Well.... as of last night our friends asked us to make up a petition for a neighbor who said she'd take it around the neighborhood for signatures to get Centurylink internet where we live... Skip and I got it typed out, signed and now, it's in our neighbors' hands to sign it.  Keep your fingers crossed, mine are!!!

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  1. I understand about going over your data on your Internet. My daughter lives not too far from you and she doesn't get the Internet very well either. She comes to my house to use the Internet if she needs to be on it very long. I would like to invite you to come to my home too and use the Internet. I have unlimited CenturyLink. I got it while they are running their special. One can get unlimited for $14.95 a month! Sounds like a good deal to me! Take care and I will be reading your blogs! Love, Ms. Nancy