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I was watching our two spoiled pups this morning.  They melt my heart when I look at them.  Kissy Fairchild, our 1 year old Rottie, and Chadwick Elsworth, our mixed pup (a wonderful mixture he is!), who will be 5 years old on Skip's birthday.

They were laying on our king-size bed when I walked into the bedroom.  Both looked up at me when I came in to make the bed up.  Their eyes were sleepy looking, I hated to make them move so, I could make the bed.

I did what anybody would do with spoiled pups such as ours!  I went to the top of the bed to begin making it, ha!  Yes, I did!  I began fluffing the pillows out, and smoothing our sheets, bedcovers down to where those two spoiled pups were laying.  I thought to myself that I would go back later 'when they've moved', and finish making up the bed.  Now... I wonder how many people who really love their pups would do that?

I walked to where they lay, and hugged Kissy so gently, kissed him on top of his head... he stretched out.  I did the same with Chadwick Elsworth, he began stretching as well.  Before I left the bedroom I patted both on their rumps.  They are like children, so trusting, so loving.  No matter what...they love you.

Our pups can hear a wrapper, no matter if they are in the house or, outside.  We can open a wrapper on something, turn around and guess who's there?  Yes, Kissy and Chadwick.

I watched them this morning when they began eating their breakfast.  I laugh when I see them doing things ...they are like children. They do things that take alot of thinking... it's so interesting! 

For instance, they both do something that is totally hilarious!  They'll eat some of their breakfast and one will wander off... the other will wait for a moment and run, not walk, run to the other's bowl.... and grab some of the other's food!  The one who wandered off will come back... and wait for his opportunity.  Soon, it comes... he'll then, go to the other's bowl and do the same thing!  They think this stuff out!  I stand there and watch in amazement.

Kissy does something I've never seen another pup do.  We keep a bucket of fresh water both outside and on the inside.  The inside bucket of water sits on a rug beside the door that has their pet door installed on it.

Sometimes when I open that door... Kissy will come to it and simply push his pet door open... stick his head in the bucket of fresh water, and drink!  He does that every time, he never walks to the other side of the door to drink when it's open!  That also, amazes me!

We will make bowls of oatmeal for them, when we eat that for breakfast.  It doesn't have to be sweetened, or have butter or milk in it.  They love it plain.... but, they eat it only if we will get a spoon to feed it to them!  We can put those same oatmeal bowls on the floor for them to eat... it won't get eaten!

Kissy is a force to be reckoned with.  He is like an electrical wire, he is full of energy.  He is huge and energetic.  He loves to 'express himself'!  He hears the commercial on tv... he is ready to 'express himself'.  Skip taught him that when he was smaller.  To 'express himself', he will grab the nearest chewbone, run back and go around in circles while one of us puts our hand on his back, saying 'Kissy, express yourself!'  It's so funny to watch him dance around!

It's hard to just pet Kissy, he can't be still.  His huge body and weight feels like a person, when he accidently steps on our feet!  I have to make him sit just for a moment to 'give him sugar'.   That makes him so happy that he seems to have more energy! 

Chadwick is a very fast pup.  He loves to run circles in their fenced in yard... Kissy is right behind him.  You'd be surprised how such a large dog can move so fast!  I love watching Kissy's little ears fold back when he runs.

Chadwick will come to us and he will jump lightly up to kiss us.  His kiss is so gentle and soft.  He is completely opposite of Kissy.  One can hold and pet Chadwick easily. 

I look at both of our pups, my heart feels such love for them.  We sacrifice alot to be with them.  We don't like to go out at nights, and leave them alone.  We find ourselves hurrying to get back to them when we are gone long periods.  We love them very much.
We will bring little pieces of chicken, or beef when we eat out, back to them.

I was wondering how many people feel the same way about their pups?  I know that many, many people have pets in their homes now, also, travel with them like we do.  Hotels, motels will accept pets now, where once they wouldn't. 

I wonder if 'you' have spoiled pups, or pets?  I'd be interested in hearing about them!

Happy day to my readers!  Granny Gee

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  1. I know how you love your pups!! They are jealous too! So if anyone is out there and you visit my friends Gloria and Skip, please be careful because their pups are jealous and will jump on your and bark like they are going to eat you up! I am talking from experience. Their pups are very protective of their master! Love, Ms. Nancy