Thursday, March 29, 2012




Ms Nancy and I agreed to meet for breakfast last night. We decided to meet at a local Hardee's this morning at 10:00 am... I would meet her there after I fed the cats.

As I neared Hardee's I saw her going inside the door. I smiled, thinking how nice it'd be to see her since it's been some time since we've seen each other.

I parked, went inside ... there she was at the counter. I walked up to her and I was going to order breakfast, too... the girl at the counter said 'your breakfast has been paid for'. Ms Nancy grinned, and I thanked her. That was a very special gesture, and I felt honored.

We sat down in a booth, we talked to each other and to some other people in Hardee's. I think she knows everyone who works there. One girl had a very pretty, unusual name. It began with the letter 'J'... I won't try to spell it as I might not spell it right. It's the first time I'd ever heard it.... you all know me... I love the unusual, and the colorful things in life. I liked that name.

My distant cousin came in, with his wife that I'd never met. I was introduced to her and liked her immediately. I could see she is a very friendly, outgoing lady. It sure was nice to meet her... it was so nice to see you, Harry.

Ms Nancy wanted to take photos of us all... she did... so did my cousin's wife. I have to say that when Ms Nancy sent me the photos (email) with me in them... I couldn't bear to look at them. I looked so bad... I haven't felt the best since experiencing overwhelming grief yesterday when I heard that song... it did something to my soul. My face, eyes reflected it... my eyes were so red from crying alot (though I didn't tell Ms Nancy... I don't just go around saying 'hey, I've been crying')... also, from the pollen in the air.

Ms Nancy, I was going to put the photos here in my story, but... I'll take a raincheck on doing that. Gracious, I couldn't believe how bad I looked! :)))

I sort of felt disoriented, out of sorts... but, I was determined to enjoy my visit with my special friend, my childhood friend. I did enjoy it very much.

We said our goodbyes, parted ways .... with big, old smiles. Next time I hope to just be like the sunshine, a golden happy smile and clear eyes. Ms Nancy, thank-you for breakfast, thank-you for being my special friend. I treasure you dearly. You are always there... it means the world to me.

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  1. I thought you looked good! I was the one that needed a "face lift"! Also next time I guess I need to take off my glasses. The glare on them made it impossible to actually see "me". We both didn't really like the pictures so we will do the "raincheck" on the pictures. You are welcomed for breakfast. I wanted to have a little surprise for you so I am glad you enjoyed it. I hope it helped to brighten your day a little. We will do this again. I will always be there for you no matter what. That is what friends are for. Love, Ms. Nancy