Friday, March 9, 2012




I've been thinking about something, and I've even talked about it to my friends I see every day. They all laugh and love my idea... but, 'if it were reality'.......... I'm sure 'everyone' would love it!

Do you know know how hard it is to make yourself exercise? Especially when you have to for your health. There are days it really is hard to make yourself move, I know the constant pain in my body tries to keep me from moving to know 'more' pain. I push over it, it's like that song 'It Hurts So Bad'........................ :)))

My idea ... I've had it for a long time... if it were to be brought into reality would be wonderful. Let me tell you all about it! Who knows ...maybe someone will read this and think... 'I will make this!' They could call it 'Granny Gee's Exercise Box'! :)))

I was thinking one could build a big, square box with three sides (the fourth side would be the big door with hinges to open and close it to hide it from view if one wanted to).

Anyway, on the inside and top of that big box... one could make it like they do with the puppet stages... only this would be an adult-size box with an adult-size stage. At the top would be where the controls are that could be controlled by a button... or by another human!

The idea is for one to go up on that special stage... even if you had to get up on it on a special lift! The ropes or soft cables would be hanging down with their little soft cuffs that would fasten around one's wrists, ankles, waist. As long as there isn't a rope to go around one's neck.... this should work just fine!

After being 'fastened in'... one could just simply press a button or yell 'hit it Jack!' The ropes would immediately go into action on soft, low, medium, high, and 'not too high'.

Picture this: you see this person up on the stage and he just stands there smiling.... the rest is up to the automatic control! The ropes begin to maneuver their body into exercise positions! This way, that way, down there, up here... and around!

The lights are on, the music of your choice is playing... oh my, how we could exercise our body on low, gentle, medium... and for those who like punishment... high. The ropes/cables would put us through our range of motion exercises and of course... it'd help if we put through 'just alittle effort'... at least!

What more could one ask for in the exercise world? I got up early to write this... Skip got up soon-after. I told him my idea and this is what he said 'you have gone insane, totally insane!'


I believe it would work, especially for ..... for 'us grandmas'.

They did send a man to the moon!

They invented an airplane!

They 'could' invent a 'Granny Gee's Exercise Box'!

What do you think?


I mean.... really, what do you 'really' think? I've been rethinking my 'puppet on a string' exercise idea! Hit it Jack!

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