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Who knows if it's going to snow or not? I love our weather forecastors on Channel 5. They are fun characters to listen to each day... one could almost think of them as their friends. Each time I've ever lived here in this area... I turn the tv to Channel 5 to see them. As a child at Grandma Alma and George's... I watched it.

It 'looks like we could, but... probably not' get a light dusting of snow this morning. Even the schools in several places are closed or on a 2 hour delay. I found that unusual and wondered 'why'? Usually it's the other way around... school having to let out early as it began to snow. may not snow... and there are closings/delays like ... when we expect a 'significant amount'.

I have two doctor appointments this morning in Raleigh. I will visit my cardiologist, and shortly after... my oncologist. I deliberately scheduled them on the same day to 'get it done'. Now... I will be glad when I'm back home.

Alot of people hate to drive in Raleigh... I love it. I love to drive in much bigger cities than Raleigh. I loved doing it when I drove the tractor-trailer with Skip.

It was exciting, it was fun.... that big, old wind coming through. I can't tell you how exhilarating it was... manuevering lanes in that wild traffic, staying with the speed and flow.

Sometimes other women would drive beside me as I drove... rolling the window down... yelling 'you go girl'! Or give me the 'thumbs up'. All made me proud I could do something that not other women normally did.

Of course, there were the guys driving by, too. They really loved to see a pretty, young woman with long, curly blonde hair driving... especially one who was smiling because she was happy to 'be out there, traveling and making 'big' money, in comfort in a beautiful new truck'. That was me, I loved it though, of course.... there was the bad as well as the ...good.

I always stayed on the alert watching constantly my mirrors and 'the big picture ahead' of me. I was very safe, and I took pride in that. Still.... unexpected things happened... thank God, I was 'most of the time' .... alert. :)))

When I say most of the time... I will honestly admit there were times I became sleepy. I did alot of nighttime driving as I was the 'night owl'. I loved driving through sleeping cities on the interstate... all was quiet. Of course, one watched when it wasn't quiet at nights. There were all kind of 'goings on' in the night. Police chases, fast cars making one wonder if they were trying to get away from something.

This was funny, not funny... funny... and just plain ...awful. There were the predators of the night on the interstates... everywhere. They all did the same things but, had a different face, gender, body, color..... they did the same things.

Driving along at night, all is quiet and a car drives up beside you, never passing. Why would they stay even with a truck on a quiet and dark night, a truck driver has to be careful.. someone could begin shooting or do something stupid.

One can't see in the dark-tinted glass until...... that window rolls down to reveal.............a lighted interior, there sitting is a naked man doing things he shouldn't be doing 'in front of the world'! see him duck his head down far enough to look up into the window of the truck... grinning!

One knows what this man wants... there's no doubt. He wants some fun and hopes you will join him. Of course.. he is expecting to see a male truck driver most of the time. I've seen this at night driving... knowing me ...guess what I did?

Yes, you are right! I began laughing so hard because it's so ridiculous to see a naked man all................... sitting there under the steering wheel. He is feeling like 'such a man' and wants the world to see. From my viewpoint... it was funny, sad all at the same time. Funny... because can you imagine all that naked skin sitting on a carseat under a steering wheel and you see an 'extra finger' threatening to help quide the steering wheel?!!!

Sad... because that person must not have anyone else and have problems. Sad, because he feels he has to prey upon other people to either make money, or to feed his 'addiction/habit' which is being over-sexed. Sad, because he doesn't know how ridiculous he appears from 'up above'... if he could see, I don't think he'd do it ever again.

Now... this is the funny part of seeing something like what I just told you about. That never gets old with truck drivers, and believe me when I say this... it happens 'all the time'! Yes, it really does.

One can be driving down the interstate in daylight just as well as nighttime...... and see a car come buzzing up beside the big truck. The same old thing happens.... that window begins to roll down and 'lo and behold'.......... there's a woman sitting there.... 'massaging' herself... 'everywhere'!

One waits for the head to duck down and look up at the big truck to grin at the driver............... I loved it, though I hated to disappoint, the woman would be grinning up into .... another woman's smiling face! Her grin would fall into her naked lap ..... I sort of felt bad doing that.. but, I couldn't 'go anywhere'... I had to drive that big, old truck. Drive it, I did!

Do you know how women love to just bare their breasts to Jerry Springer? Well, this happens all the time.... it can be women riding with their husbands/boyfriends, or lots of time.... pretty, young girls having fun... they will come driving up beside a truck and ... boom! there it is..... they will quickly pull their blouses up to show..................................................... yes! their breasts to the truck drivers.

More than that... they will 'bare bottoms' in the blink of an eye making one wonder 'did I really see that!' You wouldn't believe... no, you wouldn't believe. Summer days bring out alot of what's hidden on cold days! Yes, you really... did see that.

The CBs go crazy .... the drivers will become excited. They will tell the driver in front of them to 'look at that seatcover'! They'll tell about the 'hooter shot' they just got. In front, one can see the driver in front begin looking in his mirror... waiting 'for his hooter shot'!

It's a wild world out there on the road. Oh ..the stories I can and will tell as time goes by. You wouldn't believe.... but, they are.... true. I didn't until I saw with my own eyes.

I was fascinated to see people 'do what I could never do'........ I was amazed at the 'nerve they had'.... most all done with a....... big, old smile. I was embarassed ... alot!!! But.... I wouldn't trade my experiences for anything... I've gotten to see and live things the normal, everyday person never does in a lifetime.... they only read about them and... imagine.

I may get embarassed, be shocked, or amazed .. never want to do such things, never want to be thought of as 'bad'.................. but, I'm glad I saw and know what I did, and do now, even being a little older. That's the spice of life.... no one never knows what people will do, sometimes even they don't know what they'll do.

Sometimes.... you never really know that person you call your friend, father, mother, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, or grandma, or grandpas........................................ they are people, too. They do 'things'... I know. It seems I'm always the one to see the 'things they do'... that they never show to the ones who 'know them'.

There are some crazy people out there in this big, old world. It's a wild world out there on the road.... it's a wild world even here at home. I know.

I'm shocked all the time... seeing people being something other than what others... think they are. It's like when reading in depth in a boring-looking book.... all of a sudden........... it's so amazing, interesting, and ...unbelievable! People are 'books'..........

Yes, it's a wild world 'out there'. Granny Gee knows, she's seen, she's heard, she's been shocked, embarassed, amazed.......... and .....looks forward .... to more. Granny Gee.... loves life!

Oh, how she loves the sunshine, soft-flowing breezes blowing in her hair with the scent of White Diamonds in it, as the sun warms her skin, her soul, her heart.... when it rains diamond teardrops sparkling in the light. Granny Gee loves life. She can see now... the light guiding her on her path as she goes.  :)))


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  1. I was married to a truck driver many years ago. He use to tell me about some of the things they saw out on the road too. I went with him on a trip once and I was taking a picture of him behind the wheels and guess what else showed up in the picture? Another truck had come up beside us and in the picture we saw a "buck naked" man! He had "mooned" us! Ha! That was funny! I didn't really like going on trips on the truck. You are right! It takes all kinds of people to make this world go 'round! Love, Ms. Nancy