Thursday, April 5, 2012






The young girl wanted her vegetable garden to be beautiful, very neat and easy to walk between the rows. She didn't want even the first weed to grow there. In her mind she could 'see' the kind of garden she wanted.


She planted her seeds, pulled the dirt up in neat rows. Next, she brought a stack of newspapers out to her small garden that was approximately 10x10 ft. She spread the newspaper neatly between the rows, later as her garden grew... she added more newspapers.


The newspapers prevented unwanted weeds. Every few days she brought her broom out to her garden... she swept between each row. Young Granny Gee had a beautiful, clean, neat garden... just like the one she 'saw' in her mind.


That summer she had all kinds of healthy, colorful vegetables. It was easy to pick the snap beans, the tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper, lettuce. Happy colors of green, yellow, red, orange!


This was a special garden...she'd never seen or heard of one like it before. The mountain people around grinned and laughed at her very well-kept garden... they'd never heard of such. Upon close inspection... they decided they liked it! One didn't have to work hard in this garden .... it was so clean. Most time in it was spent... enjoying it.

She could walk in her garden, barefooted... she could see only the swept, clean newspaper. It felt good beneath her feet. She loved walking in her special garden.


This was the garden she had had in her imagination... now, it was reality. This was young Granny Gee's special garden. She had made it 'come to life'... the garden in her mind.

Sometimes... Granny Gee's imagination creates... miracles. She loves to make things from 'nothing'... such as this special garden that was in her mind.



  1. I never heard of putting news paper in the garden like that but it does make sense if one thinks about it. Should I ever have another garden, I will try the news paper! I am sure your garden was fantastic! Wish I could have seen it. Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. That is a very good idea to use.

    1. Linda, it was one of the best ideas I ever had. Skip is going to get me some bales of straw soon... and potting soil... I'm going to have a 'garden' that way. We'll put tomato plants, pepper plants, and such in 'holes filled with potting soil'. It is the easiest way for someone to have a little garden when they can't have a big one. :)))