Wednesday, April 25, 2012




Kissy, Kissy... I love you

You wiggle, you waggle

To show us you love us, too!

You know how to express yourself

Dancing around with a chew in your mouth

Going in a circle, right to left!

What a wonderful pup you are

A bundle of energy

A Superstar!

Kissy, Kissy... I love you

Kissy, Kissy, I know you love me ...too!

Kissy is a one year old Rottie with a wonderful temperament. He is always searching for something.

Kissy loves his chews, and when he goes to bed at night... he has to have one... it's like a pacifier!

Sometimes he'll drop it from the bed... he'll begin to talk with his little 'growly' voice saying 'please get that for me'! Of course... we do!

Kissy loves to lay on our feet, that way he can keep 'tabs' on us to know when we get up to go to the kitchen... Kissy loves snacks, too!

He keeps my feet warm as he lays and sleeps, how comforting for me to feel that warmth.

Kissy will stand and talk to us... he'll paw the floor like a show horse. He'll swing his big head around, he'll talk in his 'growly' voice to tell us what he wants.

Skip taught Kissy how to 'express himself'... like on the tv commercial. When Kissy hears it, or us saying 'express yourself, Kissy'... he'll run to get his 'chew-chew bone'... then, he'll begin to dance around in circles.

Kissy is a bundle of energy, he's like an electric wire... he is non-stop. He loves to be loved, we love to love him... we do with our very hearts.

Kissy, Kissy.... we love you.... we know you us, too!


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  1. The pups are adorable! I know they are well loved and spoiled! They do love you and Skip. I have witnessed that. They are jealous of anyone that shows attention to ya'll. I also know they are very protective too! If anyone out there plans to visit Granny Gee and Skip---best let them know ahead of time! Love, Ms. Nancy