Saturday, April 14, 2012




We all have things we wish to have in our lives. Things that are fun, happy to live with every day. Sometimes these things cost way more than the money we have. I wonder what you wish for, what you would have if you could afford all that you wanted?

Besides the most obvious, which is my love for animals and people... if I had so much money to make all my dreams come true... there would be money set aside to make the difference in their lives.

I would take money to play with, create the 'world' I would love to live in daily in my life. I would love to have such living space around me... wide-open space. Hugh, airy rooms with lots of windows, sliding doors like in the chalet we used to live in... in Virginia. I love the feel of living 'outside' on the inside.

I love to make little groupings of furniture to make a sitting place here, a lounging place there, eating.. cooking area... all out in the open.

I would love a huge bathing area with trees, mirrors, plants, tile floors and walls... shower heads in each wall, above. Also, a big... deep tub to sit back in... looking up at the sky through lots of tinted windows, seeing the stars, the moon, snow, rain. I would like to have lots of thick, white towels, wash clothes, all kinds of soaps, perfumed oils on open shelves, wicker.

I would like stone paths, walkways... lots of foliage... magical places to walk to outside. I would love big, outside areas with boardwalks to enjoy walking on, lots of outside furniture, outside kitchen... on big decks with lots of steps, sand.... blue water, mountains in the distance.

I would love to have a huge, airy artroom with all white shelves to put my colors on... lots of windows to look outside... glass doors to walk outside on a huge deck with soft, white billowy curtains blowing gently in the wind, windchimes (bamboo, of course) softly singing in the breeze. Plants, flowers, trees... papasan chairs, wicker swings and a big fountain with singing water in it.

I would love to design a study for Skip just the way he would want it... make our bedroom so peaceful, beautiful with a huge bed where we could look outside, no one could see inside... lots of airy space around the bed.

I love white... soft, soft colors in a home. I would love to design my own living area just like what I imagine in my mind. My money isn't as rich as my imagination! :))) But... I can 'see it all now'.......

What would you love to create in your world? For a moment ...think about and pretend you could do anything you want to do... really, what would you do? :)))


  1. Oh Gloria I would let you decorate my house! I would have at one bathroom in each bedroom! I would have more bedrooms. One for each grandchild and great grandchild! Then I would need a spare bedroom with it's own bathroom. My kitchen would be twice as big as it is now. So would my living room. I would have a screened in porch so the mosquitos would not bite me. I would have soft lights strung around the top of the porch to give a low soft light. I think that is all I would want. I would also help those who needed help. Then you and I would go on a vacation!! Love, Ms. Nancy