Wednesday, April 11, 2012




I don't know if you are following American Idol. Skip and I are watching it faithfully though... I have to admit that I am in the bedroom going from American Idol to Survivor! I love both shows. Skip watches American Idol in the living room. It's his favorite of the two.

One of the contestants sang 'Wind Beneath My Wings'... oh, how very beautiful that song was! You are my hero.... you are the wind beneath my wings.... in my mind I 'felt that song', I thought of Skip.

I thought of how Skip is my hero, the 'wind beneath my wings'. He has 'saved' me many times. He wouldn't let me ...'go'. When I was deathly ill with non-Hodgkins lymphoma... he kept telling me I was going to live, he would do and say things even to the point of making me ... angry... to 'make me get mad enough' to ... fight to live.

Many times when so many 'bad' things happened in my life, he was 'there'... he was my lifesaver. He meant for me to live. When Tommy died... that was the time in my life I honestly gave up... when I say these words I don't know if you, my readers... can 'feel' them.... I couldn't bear for my child to be gone, the fear, the panic and the wild racing of my heart, the hot tears in my eyes.... I can't take this, I just can't take this.

To keep from 'feeling this most awful of pains'... I felt I was going to have to 'not live' to 'know Tommy was gone'. I try to describe it... in no way can my words describe such pain, such grief, such wild panic of knowing that person who meant the world to me... is really gone... he can't come back.

I couldn't just tell Skip that I couldn't bear for Tommy to be gone, I couldn't think of life without my only child whom meant the world to me. This very being was a part of my body, I brought him into this world... I hurt when he hurt, I cried when he cried... I died inside... when he died. I .... was dying from life... Skip was the only person in this world who saw me, cared if I lived or died. No one was there... no one else came... no one cared. Skip was there.

Skip was there... he was the sound in my world of quiet darkness... the sound of life pulling at me to come back. I could 'feel' his love though I 'couldn't see' him.

I could feel our pups lying next to me, I could 'feel' their love for me. I stayed there in that quiet darkness... I couldn't see, I didn't want to see a world without my child in it.

Sometimes for 'moments' it would feel like somehow he 'could come back'.... he couldn't. Really... at times it seemed Tommy 'could come back'.

I know people who have experienced losing a loved one might know what I mean.... no one has ever talked to me in detail 'how it really feels to lose a loved one'... the way I'm 'talking to you' about how 'it really feels'. I've experienced 'this feeling' only twice in my life... when I had surgery to save my life, and was told in the ICU that I had cancer......... and when Tommy died.

It's a feeling that can't be described in words. This 'feeling' happened to me when I became aware what was happening to me after my surgery to save my life... when I found out that I had cancer.

The only way I can get you to 'see and feel' what I mean is..... to imagine standing 'just inside the doorway where no one can see you... if you can somehow 'go back through that door'... everything will 'be like it was 'before'...................................................

It's like 'inside' 'try to pull yourself back... to where you was before'.......... so, everything will be back 'like it was'. You cry because you can't, you can't 'come back' across that line, through that door. 'Just for a moment... you think you can 'almost' ...come back'...............

Just for a tiny moment... you feel so strongly... you can come back. Just for that tiny moment it feels like Tommy could come back. Reality... reality is that 'of course we know...I know'... it can't happen.

I love that song 'Wind Beneath My Wings'... I feel such emotion when I hear it... I instantly think of my husband, my best friend, my ...... whole world.... and our Pups. I'm very thankful for them.

'Wing Beneath My Wings'.......... one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.


  1. I love that song too! The words do fit when you have lost someone you love very much. When my nephew died, "Go Rest High On That Mountain" was a song that was played at his funeral. It was appropriate. His "work on earth" was done so quickly. He has been gone 8 years and it is still painful. We will miss our loved ones but they would not want us to be upset. They are in heaven in much better shape than we are. As much as I miss my nephew, I would not call him to come back to this wicked world. He is spending his holidays with Jesus and probably having a great conversation with Tommy! They are probably telling each other about some of the things we have done. We will always love and miss them. Love, Ms. Nancy

    1. Ms Nancy,
      'Go Rest High On That Mountain'... was played at Tommy's funeral, also. How about that? Just wanted to tell you. Love, Gloria

  2. A moving and beautiful post. The words simply soar and head straight to my heart. Inspiring...Thanks. -island traveler

  3. Interesting y'all would mention "Go Rest High On That Mountain." I love that song. My stepsons, ages 15 and 17, were hit by a fully loaded 18 wheeler with bad brakes as they turned in front of him, back in 1995. My younger stepson was killed outright. We have a family graveyard, and in the days and weeks following his funeral, my husband and I would often go there and just sit in the car and cry. One night we had the radio on, and "Go Rest High On That Mountain" came on the radio. It was the first time we had ever heard it, and it just took everything that was in our hearts and soared with it. To this day I cannot hear Vince sing that song without tearing up.

    1. Brett, it is interesting about that song having meaning to all three of us... I'm in the 'middle' as both of you are my friends.