Wednesday, May 16, 2012




Since Mother's Day my colors have been not been so bright

I've been so sad thinking about Tommy, my path is alittle darker now, with less light

I knew it would happen no matter how much I tried

May is the month of tears for me, the month I've cried

The most ever in my life, millions of tears for my son

Millions of tears for my only child, my only one

I'm like two people, a happy one for your eyes

I smile for you and tell you lies

So, you think I am doing just fine

So, I don't have to answer questions all the time

Let me be sad all I want, I won't bother you

In fact... I'll be happy while you are, too

The month of May is a very sad time for me

My brother died, later my son died in this month, you see

Imagine how painful this is to lose ones who mean so much

Oh my God, a brother and a son... the pain is such

That it weighs me down so low, darkens my path

making it hard for me to smile, or to laugh

But, I will smile and laugh when you see me

I promise not to make you sad or down, you'll see

Here, where I write is my only place to tell you

About how sad I am, how I really feel.. too

You choose to read if you want to know

That way I don't push my feelings on you, so

When you read... it'll be alright

Because I'm here.. not around you in sight

For you to see me and feel you have to comfort me

Distance here is important... so, it's alright to let me be

In time, I'll be alright, in time I'll smile a real smile

For now, especially this month... I'm grieving so much for my only child

You don't have to worry, I won't bother you

Here.. where I write, you are here because you chose to

Here.. is my private place, also... public, this is where I write

Here is my place where I'm out of sight

When you come here, it's because you want to

That way I'm not pushing... myself on ... you

Just know that I'm glad you chose to be here

I'm so thankful... you all are so near

It means the world to me

I don't feel so alone, you see

With Skip, and our Pups ... and everyone

I can make it while I grieve for my ...son

I can make it while I grieve for my brother, and... son

During the month of May... for my loved ones


  1. I think we all understand that the month of May is not a good one for you. It brings back such sad memories for you. It is also a time to remember your loved ones. You have every right to be sad. You will heal in your own time. Some things you can't get over but you just get passed them. Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. My heart goes out to you for the month of May. We will never know the full extent of your pain, for your the only one who knows that, you share with us, but I feel you keep a little more pain to yourself and we understand that. We couldn't possibly expect you to keep smiling while you are so sad. All we can do is be here for you. I know your a private person but I wish I could just give you hug to let you know I care.
    ♥ Nannie Gee