Friday, May 18, 2012




A little baby comes into this world

never knowing anything

A baby only knows what it's exposed to

It's like a vessel to be filled with good or bad things

A little baby never knows anything

It grows up mimicking its parents, caretakers

Every moment is spent watching, learning

The vessel is filling up with the person it becomes one day

A little baby begins to know everything

Even the things it doesn't know

You see how when it's a teenager

It doesn't listen to you, he/she know everything

It's wise to expose your baby to good things

Life things, education

It's a parent's duty to groom that baby as it grows

To be the best person it can be, one day

If a baby isn't taught anything and it has to learn

On its own as it grows, it takes valuable time trying to learn

Life's lessons while falling, getting up from mistakes

Sometimes they can't pass things they don't know to their babies

It takes time, time that is called childhood to learn these things

To carry into adulthood to pass on to their babies

So don't waste time, learn before you have children

Be ready to teach them as soon as they arrive in this world

A little baby grows into a big person

They act like an adult, making decisions on all they've learned

Inside in a little corner... they are still a baby

Or why else would it seek comfort, love, safety

Those are the most important things in life

If there's comfort, love, safety

What else would one want

Because that means... you have everything you need in this world

Somewhere inside... there's still a little... baby


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  1. Your words are very true!! We have to teach them all the good that we can. They will learn enough bad on their own once they began going to school. Love, Ms. Nancy